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Help me understand

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by ohioracer, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. If I go to select the Judd, go to the hill climb track, hit drive, sequential red lights come on, as the green goes on, I get disqualified. Every time. Also, I don't have the option of selecting that track on single player single race, only single player practice can I select that track, even see it, either way, I can't get off the start line. ????? Just me????
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  2. It's a known bug in Practice mode at the moment.

    It should work correctly though when you do a Leaderboard Challenge with the same car and the same track.

    Single Races aren't possible on the hillclimb tracks because you can only drive alone there.
  3. You know you've had a bad day, when you get disqualified right after the lights turned green! ;)
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  4. I know, right? tried brake on, neutral. Nope. Auto clutch, nope. In gear, clutch in, nope. Pretty embarrassing showing someone who has never sim raced how cool r3e is to not be able to leave the starting line so I took a 92 MB to Mid Ohio and he was pretty impressed after a couple laps but it's all good. I re read my statement too, seems pretty logical you can't race without anybody else, wouldn't even seem like a race. On second thought, maybe I could win a race that way. Thanks guys.