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Help me get the Force India pitlane bug fixed!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Foliorum Viridum, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. I need you to do two things:

    1) Sign up to the official Codemasters forum and post in this thread.
    2) Once you have done that, send a quick email to tips@Kotaku.com outlining how horrendous it is that Codemasters not only refuses to fix the bug, but ignores the issue, emails, PMs and locks down threads about it.

    I know this has a very slim chance of working, but it will take 5 minutes of your time, so I ask you nicely to help fix a game breaking bug in what is otherwise a fantastic racing experience.

    Thank you!
  2. Maybe the great MOD Guy's can fix it?

    as i have said before, CM make's great Games but the support is the worst.
  3. Force india bug

    I think that i read somewhere that there is a possible work around for the force india pit stop bug :
    The moment you leave your pitbox and when the car is really slow, push esc to pause the game and then push continue and it should be fine again
    Did anybody tried this yet?
  4. I rekon it would be easier to sort out world peace or an end to famine than get CM to fix any more bugs in F1 2010 - but good luck.
  5. like I said in the other thread, have people spam their twitter, there's a few CM people pretty active on there so at least they won't be able to say 'O we didn't notice your report'

    If they get enough people tweeting them about it they might get annoyed enough to still do something about it, but it's a very, very long shot.
  6. Lol, he got banned for it, then his next account got banned as well
  7. Force India OffLine PC Career 20% RacePit Issue

    As I just posted on CM:
    "My first 3 Force India offline PC/Steam career 20% races ( Bahrain, Melbourne & Malaysia ) have all been pretty much ruined by the lollipop being held in my face for 5 - 7 excruciating seconds when there is not ANY other car in the pitlane... Frankly, I was so incensed each time that I don't even remember my pitlane speed.

    I purposely quali on primes so that I can duck in for a final 3 lap sprint on options.. and by then all other cars have pitted.

    And to think I have hesitated to bring this up here on the forum because I figured it was my pc somehow.. not even thinking about the possibility a glitch or worse: the fear of a forum ban...
    Hope they un-ban you.. :0)

    Go Massa in '11 !
  8. Vid in support for getting this fixed so we can have 12 player online races :)

    IF you want to try and get this fixed, tweet the people listed in the vid, starting with force india itself @clubforce . Perhaps if they see what CM has done to their car they might start putting some pressure on them. PR is everything for these F1 teams, they might actually respond to their car being butchered by CM imo.
  9. Foliorum (in case you cant see it seeing as you're banned over there) Since you got banned you seem to be getting more support.

    I just posted this

    E-mailed this to their (Force India) press department.

    While this isnt specifically your problem, Codemasters make an officially licensed F1 game, called F1 2010. I would like to make you aware that your team Force India (& only your team) has been made unplayable. Many online racing leagues have banned the use of the Force India team in the game due to the problem.
    When pitting all the other teams are limited to the official 60 mph pit speed rule, but Force India (& only Force India) is limited to 40 mph.
    This has either been done on purpose under the terms of the F1 license, or it is a bug. Codemasters wont acknowledge it & it seems dont want to tackle it.
    Either way it makes the Force India team look bad compared to the other teams.
    Perhaps you guys (or FOM) could bring some pressure to bear on Codemasters to fix the situation (especially if they are breaching the F1 license.)


    *awaits infraction* (from CM)
  10. Thanks guys, I appreciate it!

    I've just posted this over on the CM forums under a new account:

    Please - PLEASE - sign up and voice your concerns people!
  11. i have responded myself to the thread, im sending a message now to Force India. Thank's steve for the links.
  12. Just posted at Gamespot UK regarding the same thing


  13. Nice one guys - good work!

    I've got 18 people to tweet Force India directly on twitter now at @ClubForce
  14. I really hope, that this will bring codies to the point, to fix it. Sad, that the fans/users have to take this ways. But CM's support is always worse. If they will fix it, they really should take a good look into their forum or maybe even here...so they can fix a few more bugs...to make us happy and make a little more sure that F1 2011 will be a good-seller! With their support-tactics at the moment, I think there will not be so much people buying the game as it was with F1 2010, when everybody expected a mabye nearly perfect F1-Game after so much years with nothing.
  15. I am now on my 4th account.

    I don't know what's more incredible:

    1) The fact they think banning me is a good solution, or
    2) They think IP bans aren't easy to get around.

  16. Keep it up fellas... Next thing you know CodeMasters will get their license pulled and you won't have any new toys to play with for 2011... Nice work...
  17. Dont be so silly. What a stupid thing to say.
  18. Yeah I don't know what to say about that comment by Keyser.