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Help me get my GSC FFB back :(

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by museumsteve, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. In my never ending search for improving, I was playing with the various LeoFFB/RealFeel settings and d/l's and after realising nothing was wrong with the default..I cant get back to the normal settings :(
    I think I d/l a pack which had new dll's and ini's.
    Can someone please point me in the right direction to get the original GSC FFB files/dll's ?
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  2. brilliant mate, thank you so much :)
  3. Np just uploaded my files. :)
  4. Thanks mate :) Do I assume that I simply remove the LeoFFB dll from plugins folder..and just have RealFeel dll in plugins and the RealFeel ini in GSC main folder?
  5. That should do it. :)
  6. Thanks again :)
    I don't supose anyone here is using a Fanatec CSR/Elite with any recommended settings?
    I've put the GSC FFB files back in and suddenly it feels rather light and I only really feel anything on rumble strips and not really on the tarmac or even the grass.
    I'm interested to know things like the windows settings foer the wheel..like 900 degrees and damping at 0 or 100 or something inbetween.
  7. I'm not convinced, I may be missing something but no matter what I do I cannot feel the road surface at all and rarely feel the grass, only rumble strips really.
    I've set Fanatec windows GUI to 0% / 50%/ 100% damper and no difference.

    I really didnt want to start playing with the GSC settings again cos I'm sure it was fine when I first got it.
    Maybe I need to install the game again and start from scratch :s
  8. Maybe thats a idea indeed. Maybe removing it first messed something up abit. :)
  9. I couldn't wait any longer so I downloaded the game again. It didn't ask me for my serial number so I guess it's in the registry somewhere..
    Anyway the FFB is back and awesome. I feel dirty for changing it :D
  10. New beta fanatec firmwares available, issues with center force feedback ...