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Help me drive without ABS

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Jimlaad43, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Member Premium Member

    ABS is lovely, it means I can race competitively and drive how I like. However, it appears that it is faster and better for tyre wear on the game to race with it off, and anyway, I get alienated from things because they want you to race without any assists.

    Traction Control is something I have to learn myself, I know how to race without it, I'm just too impatient and aggressive at the moment, my problem I just have to sort myself.

    I drive with a wheel and 2 pedals.

    Braking in a Straight Line

    Time Trial - Red Bull - Austin - Dry - Middle Quick Car Setup - Turn 12

    With ABS on - Normal driving style
    Stay on the right of the track. Full brake at 150 metres and down the gears to gear 1 by the apex. Half turn the wheel left at the Pirelli board at about 65 metres, and fully turn it at around 45 metres. Left wheel hits the orange bit just behind the red and white Kerb, and I run out to make a perfect exit, only just 4-wheels off.

    Without ABS on - Same corner, same technique
    I still brake at 130, turn in at the same time and go down the gears. It goes fine until I turn the wheel at the Pirelli board, where the left front locks up, then full turn, both fronts lock up and I slide straight on.

    I tried different techniques, braking at 130 in a straight line, I was too far past the apex when the car was slow enough to turn and release the brakes.
    Braking at 150 to turn after slowing down enough works, but is slower and more frustrating.

    Braking while turning
    Same scenario, different corner - Turn 15

    OK, no matter what I cannot do this corner without locking up. I liked to have a tight line on entry, it is a favourite overtaking spot of mine. I just need a full tutorial as to how to turn and brake without ABS.
  2. You need to make sure all your braking is done before you turn in for the corner. If you try and brake and turn you will lock up and go straight on.

    You also want to brake with full force to start with and then as you get slowed down and near to the end of the braking zone, begin to release the brake a little, as if you stay 100% on the brake this will mostly like cause a lock up.

    If you are doing this and still locking up try adjustments to the brake balance and pressure. This can be done through the set up screen in the garage.

    If you put your balance a little towards the rear then this will help with front locking, but too far rearwards the rear brakes will lock and it'll want to oversteer and swap ends on you. The lower the pressure the less likely the car will want to lock up, but this will also mean you have to brake earlier as the brakes wont be as effective.
  3. A brake bias with 48 front / 52 rear will help you a lot.
    When you get better at controlling it, you can switch to high pressure.

    When i got a lot better with pedal control, i switched to 49/51 (48/52 on monaco though), with high pressure.

    Yes, you can turn a car while braking, it's just a matter of brake bias and foot control. You can brake while turning if you're only applying maximum 40 % brake pressure.
  4. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Member Premium Member

    Ok, that's annoying for the Austin corner at least, as I said, it was one of my favourite overtaking spots on the circuit.
  5. Marc

    Premium Member

    Remember you won`t win a race in a specific corner. Car should be well balanced for as much corners as possible!

    i always start with a bias of 47F/53R. On tracks like monza i tend to use more front bias like 49/51. In Monaco for example i used 46/54. More bias to the rear gives you a better turn in while you are still braking, more bias to the front gives you a little quicker deceleration in straight lines but may lock fronts while cornering.

    Try to keep pressure as high as possible and choose the smallest size as possible. Good starting point for nearly every track should be High/Medium.

    Remember that also roll bars and springs have an effect on braking. if you`re going with these 11/11 sets the car is way too hard for races. It´s nearly impossible for springs and arbs to soften the weight transfer while braking. Try a little softer front end in that case!

    a good balanced (i like a little oversteer) set i always use on a new tracks is:

    Aero - 3/1
    Brakes - 47/53 Hard/Med
    Roll Bars - 6/8
    Springs - 2/2/6/8
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  6. Watch the fast guys on youtube and their setups, and watch how they are braking. And then... as always... practice practice practice! It takes some time, it's a game that is easy to drive but hard to master.
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