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Help me Drive :o

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Parrish, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. I come cap in hand hoping to learn some tips and pointers from an experienced forum.

    Basically lets get this out of the way, yes I am using a pad atm, a 360 pad for the PC. I know I will never be optimal using this setup, but before I invest in a wheel I need to be able to play the game(s) I enjoy and atm, I struggle big time with this.

    The problem I have is that:

    1 - Setups, I dont understand them and as such im just going with the games default, so this could hinder me (although id have thought it would allow me to complete the track without being too banged up)

    2 - The big issue is this; when going around a corner, basically the back end goes round with me, so im really turning into the corner... if I try to save that, easing off the gas and adjusting the steering, the cars front flicks wildly back the other way and its just not possible to prevent a crash.

    To get around a corner im looking at doing maybe 10-20mph (even the fast ones). Id just like my car to remain on the road, even if on a straight and I hammer my foot down, the car likes to veer :(

    I appreciate and fully accept that I am a 'noob' as such, but would really appreciate any help as I want to love this game and just do well enough in single player to have fun and not have to restart because the car is knackered 1 minute into the stage.
  2. You really need to get a good wheel and handbrake IMO
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  3. I appreciate that and may do so one day should I feel the investment would benefit me long term in racing games (note I dont have many). But the situation is, I have a pad and the above should not really be happening... I mean, if the only people who bought Dirt Rally had wheels.. it wouldnt be a viable product to sell, especially to console gamers (where casual > sim).

    So if there are any pointers out there with regards to at least making the game 'fun' to drive with a pad and not have me sliding back and forth across the road unless I stay in 1st gear, then id appreciate them.

    I know this forum is geared toward the hardcore sim racer and maybe no one is interested in us 'pad' drivers, but everyone has to start somewhere and as I say, putting down money for a wheel that I may not even use if I dont like or enjoy this game (or AN Other) is something im not ready to commit too.
  4. sorry, would love to help but never played a racing game with a controller. hope someone here's your SOS.
  5. I think i have a solution, ill post it here in case there are others who are like me... 100% Sensitivity, 0% Liner, 25% Deadzone

    I mean I know I need a wheel, dont get me wrong. But im trying to enjoy the game without one and if I do that, then i know the investment in a wheel is worth it. I wont ever play multiplayer as im crap at racing games, but I enjoy them as best i can.
  6. keep pushing! (is what they say at iRacing ...)
  7. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    The DiRT series is a bit different when it comes to pad vs wheels tbh. While most subforums here is geared towards hardcore simracers, the DiRT Rally subforum will not be that way (as long as I am the DiRTy Moderator). While DiRT Rally is way more of a simulator than any of the previous installments, it is a part of the DiRT Franchise, and there will be many non-simracers playing it as well :) Good to see that you found a solution as well!

    When it comes to setups, it can help, but I run default, always done in any rally-sim, and in 98% of the times I drive racing-sims as well. First push the limits on the default, then fine-tune :)
  8. There is a file on steam workshop that gives you the controller settings for a 360 game pad. its the settings I use and it isn't too bad and things are quite a bit easier to control.
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  9. i have started adding some setups to this steam thingy, not because they are very good but because i'd love to get people's comments and maybe ideas to better them. i still have to figure out how to check for answers / comments, though.
  10. Thanks all, appreciate the comments. Im enjoying myself atm, im not fooling myself to think im any good... but its fun and thats the main thing for me. Ill take a look at the setups and see if they can help, I also use default and im getting around the tracks so someone must be smiling down on me!
  11. I'm no expert by any means and unfortunately i can't help you with your controller as i've never used one of those. I can however say that even with a proper wheel and pedals i usually struggle a bit on new stages until i learn the twists and tricks for each stage. As a general rule of thumb i'd say i tend to get better times when i'm not trying too hard to go flat out all the time. Most of the time it's not about how fast you're able to enter the corner/bend, but rather trying to get a good speed leaving the corner. I think setup often comes down to personal preferences. If the steering feels very "restless" you might want to take a look at the suspension. I tend to stiffen up the suspension a bit for most cars/locations and that usually gets me in the right direction regarding the setup. Happy racing!
  12. A bit late but having played this game since April on a controller I can point you to where you need to be.
    Steam forums have covered pad settings in minute detail so a search of these will greatly help.
    Steam workshop has setups for all cars and stages,look for the fast guys on the leaderboards and use theirs(Porkhammer be king)
    Use the mini to learn the tracks and turn up the pace notes.
    Leave the championship for later.
    top 20 places are possible with a pad,one guy does them on keyboard!
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