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help! Massive difference between qualifying and race pace

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by koen2702, May 9, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone. I've been playing F1 2015 again lately and I'm struggling quite a bit with a few things. I started playing with a controller and found out that I was doing way too wel in qualifing but then getting overtaken left and right in the race? So i upped the difficulty to expert for qualifying, backed out, changed to hard and raced. That seemed fine for the posision i finshed but I still couldn't overtake a lot of the cars.

    This weekend I decided to dust off my wheel. I though that with the extra precision of the wheel and pedals I could do better. And gues what? On Silverstone (on expert) i sucked in practice (15th), got 2nd in Qualifying and in the race I can''t even keep up with the force india's and lotusses in my torro rosso.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? I'd really appreciate it as I'm getting quite frustrated at this point...
  2. Koen, if you had some mods installed, try verifying the files and have the system download any changed files. I always do this when I notice anything weird with the game.
  3. Well set your car up for the Race then...100 kilos of fuel is quite a lot....
  4. I have some mods installed, including season 2016 performance, but I intend to keep those. As for race setups, I'm very new on that front. Having changed to manual gears recently I'm focussing more on learning that and being consistent. There's no point in testing setups if you're not consistent to begin with. Right now I'm up a difficulty, legend on qualy and expert in races, so seeing there's still that difference I guess it is down to setups.

    Does anyone know a good reference for shift points? I feel the lights on the steering wheel are often a bit too early. What is the ideal shift point when you are pushing or is it different with every car?