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Help: Logitech G25 Power Adapter Solutions

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Carlos.C, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Like the title says. Currently moved and lost the Power Adapter, was assuming I need the Exact or can get by using a Universal adapter. Would like to hear some suggestions for people who have had this problem, need sure answers only please.
  2. Roland


    My G25 came with a generic brandless made-in-china power adapter, 24V DC, 1.75A, so anyone with at least that much Amps and with the right plug size and right polarity will definitely work, like the one pcpaul mentions.

    Other than that, from personal experience I can tell that a Logitech Momo black, with a factory power adapter of 24V, 0.75 A, works flawlessly, including FFB, with a 19V 3A power adapter from an old HP notebook.

    So if you happen to have an old notebook adapter lying around you might try that first. Remember, an adapter with too much amps is no problem, but too much Volts (over 24 VDC) is. And for polarity: the + should be on the inside (which it usually is)
  3. Thanks for the Replies. I will be sure to just get one off Ebay, spent too much time slacking and not racing (e-racing :p)
  4. Can I hijack this thread?

    How does the polarity of the G25/G27 looks like? I have the opportunity to buy a second hand G25 without power adapter. I've got an universal ac adapter but I don't know what the polarity should be like.

    It should be one of these:

  5. Roland


    From my previous post
    I just double checked, and for my G25, the left picture, positive polarity, applies.
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  6. Thank you very much. Really appreciated.
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