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Help!! I'm new!

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Cata16, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,
    I finally decided to join Racedepartment! I'm a big f1 fan in particular kimi raikkonen, however i've really taken a liking to lewis this year - I think mainly due to his story and how he wants to bring a team up ala shumacher (this earnt my respect alot!) anyway i watch the races every weekend there on and I'm always looking for f1 news! I recently brought f1 2012 on pc but have had it on ps3 for a long time! I would classify myself as a person that loves to race and race fairly!

    i have a few questions, those being:
    1. how do i mod my game? (i have no idea with the technical side of things, so I'd love a tutorial!)
    2. what mods should i get if i want my game to be as realistic as possible?
    3. will the mods work in career mode?
    4. do they work in multiplayer mode? will they still allow me to go online?
    5. how do i get the 2013 mod/liveries? i.e- ham to merc, with his driving skills not MSC!

    sorry to bombard you guys! ive been looking forward to signing up all day! cant wait to race and enjoy many online battles with you! :)
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff


    I was tempted to move this to the modding questions thread in the mod forum, as we have pretty strict policy regarding where threads should go. However the question are so general, I think I'll leave it here :)

    1/ Dimos has pointed you to a good thread. Of course you can ONLY mod the PC version of the game. Some mods may have a read_me file in them to tell you how to install them. Always keep backup of original files.

    2/ That's up to you, skim the the mods forum and look at the discussion threads associated with the mod.

    3/ All mods should work with career mod, most of them are based around this

    4/ Conversely to 3, a lot of mods will not work online. Mods that work are generally graphic and texture mods, like car skins, helmets, track textures, tyres etc. Any mod that changes the database file will NOT work online. Like damage mods, grip mods, mods that change the AI skills etc.

    5/ Again, look through the mod forum, there is plenty of stuff like this. The main problem is you might like one mod, but you also want another mod, but both mods change the database, so one would overwrite the other when installed. So it may be challenge to find a mod that does everything you want.

    If you have any specific modding questions, like 'how do I do this?', or 'how do I do that?', 'is there a mod that ....?, then only post in this stick thread in the mod forum please. Thanks :)

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  3. Welcome to RaceDepartment mate

    I've replied to your thread in the Introduction forum :)

    Click me

    All the best

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  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Wow ..... not a good beginning. Cata16 Please do NOT spam the same question over multiple threads. You now have answers in both threads.

    As the other one is now closed, I am leaving this one open :)
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  5. :) thanks guys appreciate it alot! ill get onto it all in the coming days!
    apologies for the multiple posts I was just worried my questions wouldnt get answered!! thanks again and hopefully ill race you guys one day! :D
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  6. It'll always be answered wherever you post it normally mate. :)

    Just saves multipal/duplicated posts appear here, there and everywhere.. ;)

    Welcome again
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