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Help from T500 RS owners

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jebus, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. I'm getting mine at the end of this month. To save time I'd like to prepare my "cockpit" in advance. I'm using Playseat with my G25 atm. But the seat is some older version so I can't use it, except the actual seat part of it, with T500 pedals. I have to make a totally new platform for the wheel so I'd like to get some measurements of the wheel. If some one could measure me the width (wheelbase), depth (from the point where the wheelbase touches the edge of the table to the end of the wheelbase. Hope this makes sense.). And last the height (From the table level to the center of the wheel (actual wheel, not the base). Hope this also makes any sense.) Preferably in cm, but no problems with inches either.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Got this off GTplanet

    @jabz and others
    "According to the mounting specs.. http://ts.thrustmaster.com/download/accessories/Manuals/T500RS/T500RS-wheel_plate_layout.pdf

    http://ts.thrustmaster.com/download/accessories/Manuals/TH8RS/TH8 RS_Cockpit Setup.pdf

    If you drill 2 holes in the middle (40cm apart from current) of the gear mount you will be able to hard mount it fine.

    This is what I'll most likely be doing."

    A word of CAUTION - the mounting measurements given on Thrustmasters site are incorrect! According to Thrustmaster the mounting holes are in pairs 16mm and 40mm apart - PLEASE NOTE - they are not! The holes are actually 20mm and 50mm apart - I found this out today while mocking up my centre console.

    Another tip - the installation diagram on the Thrustmaster site has been reduced in size so that it prints on A4 - if you blow it up on a photocopier using the 147% enlargement, the print comes out actual size - I used this to make a paper template.

    Use a 6mm drill bit as the shifter is threaded to take M6 bolts, but be very careful with the length of the bolts or you can damage the shifter.

    As someone else has stated the clamp can be rotated, also the shift gate can be rotated (I am mounting mine reversed).

    The standard shift knob does not screw on very far, however I fitted mine in my car to see how it felt and when I refitted the knob to the TH8RS it screwed on a lot further, which I prefer as the unit is rather tall as standard. I found that a Ford shift knob gave a better feel and mounts about 1 to 1.5cm lower. I prefer the feel of the non-metallic Ford knob as it doesn't rub against my wedding ring like the standard one (left hand mount).
  3. Thanks for the answer Bert. But unfortunately not the info I'm looking for. I already have TH8RS hardmounted and 10cm lower than wheel. I only use it in sequential mode and changed the knob right after I got the stick. All I need is those dimensions I asked so I know what sized plate I have to make for the wheel. The most important ones are width and depth, risers I can make later when I get the wheel so height is not that important right now (but of course wouldn't mind to get that too).

    But again, thanks for the effort Bert. :)
  4. It's a bit tricky to get the measurements because the wheelbase is such an irregular shape but here are my rough measurements:

    Width - at its widest point 30cm but the at the table 27cm
    Depth - from table edge 17cm - total depth 25cm
    Height - from table to centre of wheel 11cm
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  5. Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed. Now I can make everything ready so I can just start driving when that sweet thing (I hope) comes. Again, thank you/kiitos!
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  6. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Can somebody tell me how high the TH8RS is from the desk to the top of the knob?
  7. I have custom knob in my TH8RS and it's way too hard to remove so I could give you exact numbers. But with my knob it's 18cm from table level. With default knob I think it's 1-2cm lower. Maybe someone can give the exact number.
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  8. Happy days, the wheel is here.

    It feels totally different compared to my G25. Obviously I'll try and find the best setup for me. But out of curiosity, what kind of gain setup people use? I'm especially interested of GSC2012 users.