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Help for new PC

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Craig Richards, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. I've been looking forward to buying project cars for a while, and upgrading my Ps3 to a ps4. However i've just found out my logitech g27 wheel won't work on the ps4 so i've decided to get a PC for gaming only (driving sims only!)
    However i have't owned or played on a PC since the late 90's back in the geoff crammond GP series of games days. Looking at PC's i realise i'm way out of touch!!
    Can people out me out with what sort of spec i should be looking at getting see below and point out anything i'm missing, or needs being better, plus can i just connect a PC to my 32 " hd panasonic tv for sound and vision?
    Processor : 4th gen intel quad core 3.7 ghz 6mb cache ok?
    Ram: 8gb ok?
    Graphics card: 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT720 GPU ok?
    hard disk: 1 tb ok?
    os: windows 8.1
    plus will the g27 wheel work on it / and what is steam?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, i haven't a set budget as yet so i won't rule it out at £1k mark but i hoping to be nearer the £750 area.

    Whats the most important bit the graphics card? Also how does it connect to tv?
  3. It's all important, but the GPU is very important. I use SCAN because they take their time and build the PC to your specs. I normally build my own but they can do it for not much more and it comes with a warranty. Check their other 3xs systems. They have some great PC's. They also overclock as part of the service.

    TV connection via HDMI.
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  4. PaulH


    £750.00 is a very good budget if you building your own PC, but as your not, its a still a good budget to get a a good system for Sim racing/gaming.
    Me, I would go for Intel Quad cpu, at least 8GB memory, GTX 780/970/980 graphics

    This is a decent system to start(just looked quickly) but it will give you some idea, no windows installed though
  5. Thanks for reply.

    I've looked into things based on the replies and now got my mind set on having a gtx 970 card. So will look to base things around that.

    When you connect hdmi to tv from this card can you output sound to tv also?

    I also note the computers and cards these days seem to have lots of fans etc. does this mean they are very noisy?
  6. PaulH


    Not sure about the tv audio, never connected to a tv, but noisy fans, well I have 4 case fans, 2 fans on my GTX 780 and a cpu fan(Get a decent cpu fan).
    Maybe I'm probably used to it, but even under full load its pretty quiet, case fans making the most noise as they are on constantly, The fans on the GTX 780 are very quiet so I would assume a 970 would be no different.
    But I wear headphones so I hear no fans :p
  7. HDMI will output audio but you will need to select it as default sound device.
    A tidy build can help airflow therefore reduce the noise made by the fans.
    If it is too much, you could always upgrade your coolers to liquid at a later date.
  8. I would rather use a dedicated monitor than a TV. Much better quality in HD.
    But if you are using a TV, then HDMI sound is the best way forward.
  9. I've got to use a tv not room for anything else! It's 32" led hd so shouldn't be too bad. If a can get sound into the tv - my tv is liked to my sound system

    Thanks for link to the scan 3sx PC. It's top of my list at the moment.
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  10. As other's have said here before, Scan is superb for purchasing parts or complete systems from. I have used them for many years for myself and for many client's builds. Also, if anything does go wrong (which doesn't happen often btw!), Scan's customer service is second to none.

    As for specs, an intel quad core or amd 6 core or higher will suffice, 8gb of ram is the 'sweet spot' for gaming, and using a mid-to-high end graphics card will net you your real bang for buck and support TV out via HDMI with included sound providing your cable and TV supports this.

    As for graphics cards I normally recommend AMD cards because they are absolutely amazing cards tbh, however as this game has been developed specifically for GeForce, it will be better optimised for GeForce cards. That's not to say that AMD won't run great, because they do. Whilst a 780 would do you fine, you really have to think about your budget and your future planning here, would for example spending £150 on a card and it lasting for game releases for a year make sense when spending say £200 mean you'll see you machine keeping up for upto two years?! So go for the single best card your budget will allow.

    One more thing that I cannot stress enough and I have seen bad things happen time and time again due to this; make sure you spend a decent amount on a decent PSU. Would you have a Ferrari and run it on cooking oil? So why power your PC with a crummy PSU. Go for a decent supply with around 100w above what you require to power. There are several PSU calculators on the web for this. I recommend anything made by Seasonic, SuperFlower, Antec Gold, or the high end Corsair range but not the builder series.

    Enough rambling, and happy building/buying whichever the case may be. If you need any more info I'll be glad to help.

    Source: Over 12 years experiance in the PC gaming hardware industry
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