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Help for logo at Bathurst 1998

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by V8HoldenFan, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Hi guys.

    I try unsuccessfully the logo outlined in yellow on the photo below of the car Perkins - Ingall at Bathurst 1998 without finding any picture.

    Anyone know what it is that white square logo with red writing on it?

    Thank you for your help.

    The photo:


    Copyright: autopics.com.au
  2. Not to say this is 100% right. I've tried a heap of different searches. Studying the picture if it was me I'd just use this..
  3. Yeah.
    Thank you very much Doug62.

  4. I'm sure it's this:

  5. Castrol calibrated it's 100th year using this logo in March of 1999. The car is from 1998 Bathurst. Though a great logo and you could use it, It's not the one on the car in this picture above.

    But! In saying that I just resized this logo down and darkened it up over the above pic. It dose seem to match quite well.

    Ok I'm not sure this is what it seems! Mute you'd be the one to answer this. Is this car in fact the 1998 Bathurst car or is the 1999?


    Is showns as 1999! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bathurst...18-VT-Commodore-L-P-signed-cert-/230817998235

    If it is the 1999 VT pictured above and not! 1998 as it states on the autopics site. Though this model is inaccurate to the pic above it is a Classic Collectable model. Their not noted for their 100% accuracy on these models.
  6. I reckon it is the logo u posted Doug coz I spent Neally 1 or 2 hours trying to study that and the end result was ur logo
  7. The above photo is from 1998 here's a close up from the front fender of the 1998 car:


    you can tell it's 1998 by the Dunlop logos on the front bar, these were absent during 1999 because of the Bridgestone control tyre, also the 10/Fox and V8 Supercars logos on the door are a dead giveaway as these had moved to the rear quarter window on all cars from 1999.

    The classics model above looks fairly accurate logo wise to the 1999 Bathurst car as seen here:

    (Not the best picture of it but its all i have on my computer currently)
  8. Very good Mute. Thanks for you help here. I knew you'd be the right man to ask! Haha... Love to know were you get all you pics from? Anything prior 2002 is really hard to find.
  9. hehe lots of money spent in that department, I have most of the great race books from 1999 and prior which are a great source for pics. And I've also been keeping pics off the net for years pretty much from the old v8supercars website back in 98 onwards, so I have a load of them laying around.
  10. Yeah, I thought that would be the case. I have a heap of V8X mags I use from time to time but they don't go back that far. Also over the years I stopped buying them as much when they started to become Team vodafone's private mag. They only go back to 2003. V8SC website go back to 2001 but there's very little on the 2001 2002 sections. Other sites only go back to 06.
  11. yeah its a shame the V8sc site deleted all their stuff prior to 2001 they had a heap of photos on there before that, when they revamped the site in 2001 they just cleared the lot and started fresh...

    here is a link to an archived version or the 1998/1999 gallery from the old v8sc website, many of the pics that come up are only thumbnails though unfortunately most of the actual images weren't archived
  12. Thanks guys and thanks Mute.

    I am a very big fan of Holden and especially Bathurst.
    I really prefer the VT and VX Commodores.

    But it is true that it is almost impossible to find usable photos of Bathurst from 1998 to 2002 on the internet.
    I wanted to buy books Bathurst special but the price is really too high to be delivered in France.

    I am prepared through drawing, all the decorations for the future Holden mod on rFactor.

    If you have pictures of Mezera Bathurst 1998 I'm interested because it is impossible to see the sponsors on the site autopics.

    I have already prepared nearly 23 cars from 1998 to 2003 on Bathurst.

  13. Nice dbens. Thanks mate
  14. Anytime. It is a great tool for getting some of that older stuff (if it is around) ...... but could spend too long on it :)
  15. Hi all.
    I still need your help.

    Can you tell me what are the logos surrounded in white on the attached photo?


    Thank you.

  16. [​IMG]

    You'll need to make the tear drop. The G that's high lighted in Trafigura is the one you need in the drop. It's a old logo and the company I'm not sure it exists any more.
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  17. Thanks Doug.

    It's not problem for the logo because I create the logo in vectoriel.

    But, I don't find Lansvale Smash Repairs logo in Internet.
    Very difficult for the old cars livery.

  18. Thanks Doug.

    It's not problem for the logo because I create the logo in vectoriel.

    But, I don't find Lansvale Smash Repairs logo in Internet.
    Very difficult for the old cars livery.

  19. Ok I'm not 100% on what you're saying there. I'm guessing you can't find Lansvale so I'll put these two up. The blue isn't on the 2002 Lansvale car but it is on cars latter on in blue. These are PNG format. If you use Firefox and save them, they will have transparent background.
    Lansvale logo.png
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