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Help for full race videos

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Primaguida, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Hello :)

    I would like to have some help to change my method making videos. I record with Fraps (full licence) becouse I think that its video quality is the best, then I use H.264 codec to compress; last step is make HQ highlights videos with Movie Maker (15 minutes are about 1GB). This work requires quite a lot of time (about 40 hours yearly), and I'm very late with my 2013 FSR highlights. Now my idea is to make full race videos with this style.


    How can I do without having a 6GB file? Maybe I'm wrong, but I see that FSR broadcast videos have very good quality and not so big size.

    Thank you ;)
  2. It depends on which codec you are using and the settings you give to it. You can use a good codec like H.264, but if you set a (too) high bitrate, i.e., then you are going to get big files.

    If you complain about spending a lot of hours doing that kind of work I recommend you moving to another edition software.. Vegas, Premiere, Final Cut, etc. It will help your workflow be much quicker, saving you time, and you'll enjoy a lot more this stuff. Plus, you should test some compression settings. It's pretty much test and check if you're happy with the result. I'm actually quite happy with ProRes 422 codec, really (and I mean really) good quality with moderate file size.

    P.S. 40 hours yearly? God I need a rest then, with 100+ hours some months hahaha
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  3. I opened a very similar topic in RD general forum too.

    Wow; I'm not so patient as I thought hehe. I don't think Movie Maker is a problem; I spent hours becouse I'm fussy :whistling::), not becouse of the software.
  4. Typical FSR live broadcast is 6MBps x264 @ faster preset. That means around 6GB files which youtube encodes little bit smaller.
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  5. I use Sony Vegas and compress my videos in mp4. Dunno if its the best quality, but seems good and file size is small.
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  6. Maybe now I understand why FSR WT broadcasts arent' so huge when I download them (usually 2GB in HQ); youtube encodes them. Sony Vegas is very appreciated but it's not free; as I wrote I don't think Movie Maker is a problem, but thank you for all tips. I'm now doing some test with Fraps and Movie Maker 6.0 (new version doesn't allows split screen; old does).
  7. 20 hours to upload a 1.4GB file; I don't even try to upload 720p version (2.8GB) hehe. It's not a bad video, I like it, but I was hoping to have a smaller size and an higher quality.

  8. Is that speed your real upload speed? For me chrome is far faster than firefox when I'm uploading to youtube. Maybe that's something worth trying.
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  9. It barely takes me an hour to upload a 2.5GB file, so... you must have a really slow upload rate, or there's a problem using firefox as Jaakko says. Try different browsers and check your connection speed.
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  10. It's speed connection I think, I have same problem as Alessio... My upload speed its around 0.4 Mbps so I guess he has similar one.
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  11. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    My upload speed is just below 1Mbps so yeah I know how you feel with slow uploading... :(

    No way to livestream.
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  12. this is my Upload/Download speed test:


    Just saying that is all
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  13. Thank you for suggestions. I tried Google Chrome and it seems to be a little bit faster, but not so much; browser is not so relevant in this topic. My internet connection is not very fast but I think stabilty is more important, and ping is more than adequate.


    This is one of the best internet connection in my little town, I'm pretty sure I can't improve it; no problem ;).
  14. Well there you have the problem, for uploading videos what really matters is just your upload speed, and in your case is pretty low. An upload rate of 0.29 mb/s means that you need almost 12h to upload a 1,4GB file, if the upload speed is at maximum all the time.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Not bad (Im connected by WiFi, in fact I have almost double connected by wire)

    Changing the topic, why do not you try to get a key for sony vegas? Really if u cant improve ur connection, try to do videos smaller. I have it and in .mp4 the size is so small (around 100Mb every 150sec in FullHD)
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  16. Showoff ;)
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  17. It's very expensive for me, and I don't like to get key in another way. Maybe I will try free version.
  18. Oh ok...y, legalversion could be very expensive:p
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  19. :cautious::cautious::cautious:
  20. Ricardo Edelmann

    Ricardo Edelmann
    Lights out, Spot on! Premium

    I'm currently working with DXtory and Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    20 minutes of Full HD Video is about 1 GB for me here. it doesn't only depent on the Codec mostly is the kb/s...

    Here's a short Video that i made a few weeks ago in about 30 min work time with premiere:

    Problem here is:
    I'm using a legal Version of Premiere because i got it from my boss for work...

    the Adobe Creative suite is very expensive...

    Cheers Rico
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