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Help: dizzy/headachey feeling when driving rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Lee Downham, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. With the recent attempts at a resurrection of rF, I have started trying to like it again ... but TBH I have two issues which are making this troublesome:

    - The cockpit/in car views tend to be pretty bad IMO, but nothing we can do is going to change this one. The cockpits may be lovely and detailed, but I wanna be able to actually see something of the track and other cars as this kinda helps when racing eh? (and yeah I have tried moving the seat position) ...
    For me this majorly detracts from the racing experience and immersion I get compared to driving Race 07 / Evo events, as I end up having to go hood cam in rF, which is a step backwards :rolleyes

    - The second issue is much worse though. I find that when I drive anything but the karts, I tend to get a dizzy/sick/headachey feel after just a few laps.
    After dabbling with the various control and display settings, I reckon that YAW and FOV are the main culprits for this ... so ... if a few of you could please post up the settings you are using for this, I'll give em a whirl and see if I can't get this sussed a bit better so I can start to enjoy rF a little more. :wink2:

    Ta chaps :good:
  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I will send you my settings tonight.
  3. I get the worse effect lee. i get a splitting Headache/ feeling sick when i race the karts.
    Here's my file you just need to change it to your name
    I don't drive on Swingman view as it sucks badly
    View attachment Ben Tusting.rar
  4. :bump:
  5. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    My settings, but I think most are default:

    In Settings-Control: (including some wheel settings :) )

    • Digital Steering Rate: 30%
    • Digital Throttle Race: 50%
    • Digital Brake Rate: 50%
    • Digital Clutch Rate: 20%
    • Speed Sensitivity: 60%
    • Look Ahead: 0%
    • Head Movement: 0%
    • Exaggerate Yaw: 25%
    In the *.PLR file: (don't exactly know which of those settings matters)

    [ Graphic Options ]
    Vertical FOV Angle="34" // 34=use default, otherwise is the FOV for attached cameras (horiz is calculated based on aspect ratio)
    Cockpit Vibration Mult1="1.00000" // Primary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint position (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
    Cockpit Vibration Freq1="31.00000" // Primary rate of vibration affects eyepoint position (higher framerates allow higher rates)
    Cockpit Vibration Mult2="1.00000" // Secondary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint orientation (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
    Cockpit Vibration Freq2="37.00000" // Secondary rate of vibration affects eyepoint orientation
    Look Up/Down Angle="0.40000" // Angle to look up/down (pitch) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Leanahead Angle="0.00000" // Angle to lean head (roll) w/ steering in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Look Roll Angle="0.75000" // Angle to lean head (roll) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Glance Angle="0.75000" // Angle to look left/right (yaw) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Lookahead Angle="0.00000" // Angle to lookahead (yaw) w/ steering in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Head Physics="0.00000" // Fraction of head physics movement applied to cockpit view (position AND rotation)
    Head Rotation="1.00000" // Additional head physics multiplier affecting rotation only
    Exaggerate Yaw="0.20000" // Visually exaggerates the heading angle of the vehicle by rotating the head (which may improve "feel")
  6. Good post guys!
    I need to change my settings to..

    I looks like i get rumbled every time i drive :D
  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Lee, any feedback on the change of settings?
  8. Ramon i tryed your setting and it is a bit better but after ca30 mins i still get headache
  9. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I am trying to understand what exactly is the problem? Movement of cockpit, movement in general (track/objects), FOV, cockpit only or other views too.
    For myself I see no difference in Evo or rFactor in terms of driving view. So thats i wonder what is causing this.
  10. i am not sure self, for me it feels way more flashy from the colors as race07 and specialy at higher speeds everything gets realy unsharp but not like blooming cant realy explain
  11. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Maybe an idea to set vsync ON in the rfconfig.exe. Normally this would give more steady views because of the fps lock to 15/30/60 fps.
  12. i will give it a try :)
  13. i used the cockpit view for the E90`s last night. and i did notice that the cockpit was moving about a lot over bumps curbs ect, it didnt seem to put me off and kind of told me when the car was stable enough to hit the gas.
    i really enjoyed it and had a huge grin all night :)
  14. The cockpit view in the Minis is awful I agree Lee. The cockpit view in the E90s seemed pretty good though. The bonnet cam was best for me though, although the cam seemed located on the top of the windshield. Gave me a good view though!
  15. i found with my 22" Samsung widescreen i got a lot more seasick than if i raced with my old 22" Hp screen Dunno what causes it but was getting 300 to 450 fps with my version of XP i am using .....i did however click on the Vsync button and saw my frames down to 60fps ............cant really put my finger on what makes me dizzy sometimes
  16. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Could also that one might be fatigue while playing. Then you will become dizzy much easier. Have that myself also, regardless what game I play.
  17. Ooooh errrmmm ... apologies for not getting back to you on this sooner - kinda forgot I posted it and thought I subscribed to it but ... errmm yeah, sorry! :doh:

    Big thanks for all the responses, and have yet to try them all out but I have a Samsung 22" monitor too which might be an element of it ... re v-synch I tend to always enable it, but have tried both ways ... re: tiredness, nahhh, way off the mark with that, can drive evo at 3am with my eyes nearly shutting and never get this effect/feeling.

    Pretty sure I already have the world movement at 0 and have tried the yaw from a lot of settings between +100% and -50% so far, fov is one that i might have to mess about with - might be something in there??

    Will report back as soon as I have some results ... :good:
  18. Quick update ... 5 mins with Ramon's settings in karts, MMG F1 or whatever and I still feel like I just got out of a giant salad spinner.
    I think it has to do with the way the environment is modelled ... the whole world swings about way too much in some weird way that sends me a bit :puke:

    Would love for this not to be the case, but its just not enjoyable for me as it is :sad:

    (off to run some laps in evo now :D)
  19. Lee, try this:

    - Set the vibration lines in the PLR to 0.
    - Bind keys to Toggle Free Move, Move Forward, Move Backward, Move Left, Move Right, Move Up, Move Down, Zoom In, Zoom Out and Cam Move Slowly (I use U, W, S, A, D, E, Q, Z, X and Shift respectively). Not all of those are neccessary in reality but they're worth binding anyway if you want to set yourself up a custom view. It will reset each time you hit esc though.

    Hit your freemove key once in the cockpit and try zooming in a bit; that'll change the FOV. If you find that it helps, you can then fix the FOV in the Display menu; by your description that seems to be the primary culprit.

    Also set head movement to a low number, and set exaggerate yaw to 0. Some mods have rather good headphysics though (CTDP 2006 springs to mind), so mileage may vary.
  20. Cheers Jamie ... FOV is indeed something I suspected at the start of all this ... will give it a try, not now though as my head is still spinny from the last tests, but will give it a go next time I have the stomach for it :wink2:
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