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Help a noob learn how to drive without assists!

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Mister Oh, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. I'm trying to try the realistic experience of driving without assists. So far it's going very badly with me spinning and locking my tyres at every corner. I'd like to hear your advice that could help me. Thanks!

    (also I am not a part of xMatty's NOOB program)
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  2. This may sound a bit simple but drive slowly . As you get better go faster and use more curbs ...
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  3. Go on track and play with controller settings. These can have a huge influence on your driving feeling. Play with the settings, but only one at a time. Test the extremes and feel how they change the driving experience. You can change them while on track. Don't fiddle with car setups yet. They're no use to you now. As soon as you get a comfortable feeling drive slowly, you will get faster (not the fastest on earth, but faster) as you drive.
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  4. Hey, just tried Monza in a Toro Rosso today.

    It felt a bit strange. It is very hard to get.it bang on. Parabollica and the 2nd chicane ruin my times a lot. My best lap so far is a 1:28.8 or SS. I think that is a good lap for a start. Used a lot of Flashbacks tho, I'm trying not to.

    My lap doesn't start so good - since I fail to do Parabollica I don't carry enough speed through the corner. The 1° Chicane is pretty easy but I forget to accelerate more after I exit.

    The second chicane is hard - the braking point is weird and I find myself very slow. Lesmo is pretty fun to me, I think I gain time there.

    Ascari is hard to get right but pretty easy when you get the feel. Parabollica is a nightmare and that is a lap.

    So yeah. Using Expert AI, Sainz is half a second quicker in every sector. Will keep you up to date, made a custom Quick Race season to help me progress. I will be driving Force India.
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  5. Okay, since Random.org assigned Abu Dhabi as the first track of the season, let's go. Practice.

    First out on S. Had the same pace as Alonso on SS and was pretty much equal to Massa on S. (1:46.4 - Expert). I was feeling nice so I went out on US but my times were kind of the same.

    I lose about a second in the third sector. The first and second sector are a bit faster than Williams (close to irl) but the third sector destroys my time a lot. I struggle braking after the second straight and fail to carry speed through most of the corners except the last two. I will be trying harder tho. Perez didn't set a time. I will do the actual Practice run tomorrow since it's late here and it's hard to drive drowsy haha.
  6. I consider myself a fast simracer, not THE fastest, not even one of the fastest, but a fast one: consistent, precise and fair.
    The first time I tried F1 2016 I was SLOW as hell, I kept crashing and I simply can't afford a race distance without any consistence so far.
    But like everything new in life this game needs training: different cars, different handling, different FFB.
    Now I'm much more confident with the game.

    Watch some real onboard videos.
    Then choose a car, drive it nice and smooth without watching your lap times in an easy track: not Monaco, not Monza, not Suzuka. Interlagos is perfect.

    Good luck!
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  7. you could try just turning one assist off at at time. I havent used ABS since 2012 but still use Medium TCS. Now im trying w/ no assists and its hard braking the habit of just mashing the gas but its easier knowing how to brake w/o ABS
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  8. ABS helps you driving but doesn't help you be prepared to drive without assists.
    TCS on medium does.
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  9. i've never used any assists in every single game of F1 since codemasters took the pole.
    In this game i'm desperate, i'm 1.5s slower than my teammate in every single team. I feel i have no speed at all, i lock up a lot, only in china and canada i can qualify in the top ten, if i race the entire race (100% always), i always finish on the back of the grid, but if i simulate the session, then my car goes always into the top ten.
    I wear a lot of tyres, i don't have speed at the straights and even less at the corners, i tend to give 11 to the ballast to improve top speed, but seems to have zero effect on everything...i don't know how to trailbrake in this game, but i'm braking, to be honest, at least 50m before braking zone...it's frustrating...
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  10. Russia is a pretty easy track to me, has a good flow. Hard AI so I can feel equal with my contenders. Mercedes, beat Hamilton in both practice sessions with a 1:43.998 on Softs (FP1, P1) and a 1:42.747 on Supersofts (FP2, P1). I know those lap times are still really poor but Russia is a very good track that you can learn quickly. I even put a flashbackless lap in - it was about 1:43.7 on Supersofts.
  11. Great advice bud :thumbsup: which game camera do you use on track ?