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Helmet Visor View _ WIP :)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by chargingcar, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Hi Guy,s
    Nearly finished on my Visor App Mod :)
    Just Need to work on the different Visors so any requests now is the time ,
    The mod how I have it now turns on and off like an App so its not much fuss to use,

    Anyway ill not bore you too long should be available tomorrow , I think :thumbsup:
    PS What are the Requested sizes going to be? I use 1280x720p Ill make one 1920x1080p not too sure what the other is I think its 2550x1440 Anyway let me know Guy,s;)
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  2. How about Alpinestars since it is on all the gloves or Assetto Corsa.
    That way there is no sponser conflict.
    Are you going to make visor up and down like in F1 2012 mod?
    Great work by the way!
  3. Not sure if you have already but if not I would like to have some dirt/scratches on the visor :) Like on the car window
  4. The driver is inside of the car, how can he get dirt on it ? ......
  5. I Could add whatever on top but it would not be progressive dirt it would be there all the time could have something but you guys can do with it what you want as long as you do not upload it anywhere :thumbsup:
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  6. does the light / environment affect the visor / glass? Also I would need 1920x1200
  7. No its Just simple at the minute its hard to find what I am looking for I just tried one with a little dirt and one with out the dirt looks more real as the clean one looks like you are looking through glass , Im uploading a video in a minute I have 720 and 1080 done :)
  8. If some of you Guys want to jump in and help ?
    You are quite welcome send me links to the parts you want me to add and ill be happy to implement them:thumbsup: Visors,Sun Glare, Dirt and so on .
  9. I also need a couple more inside the helmets for the 60s 70s , and 80,s specially the 60,s would look awesome with the two goggles lol
  10. Trying to find a view from inside some goggles for the 1960,s I have never seen a mod with it done would be nice:thumbsup: Something like this but perfect.
  11. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Awesome mod! I would need 5760 x 1080. Thanks for the awesome work.
  12. Awesome stuff. Will definately use 1920x1080 version. Thanks
  13. Hmm...I'm not convinced. Fair play for the effort and for improving the reality though.

    But, while wearing a helmet, for me at least, you dont see much, if any, of the top part, and the visor strip is not that curved either - its alot straighter horizontally, its only curved with the visor itself which is front to back, rather than side to side.

    The other thing that bugs me in the video, is that the helmet is rigid and fixed to the screen where the car is moving and bouncing around - but I dont know how the game works in that area, so, I dont know what to suggest - as your physically not moving with the car and g-forces, but the helmet is, or the helmet + screen isn't and the car is etc...

    As for dirt/scratches - as a racing driver, thats the last thing I want on my visor. So, having a clear visor in this mod would be better. If you have dirt/scratches on it, shows me you dont take care of the equipment, it takes care of you ;)
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  14. Fabulous job but I see a tiny bit of a problem.

    Some time ago I felt like seeing what a game would look like with a helmet and DoF so I did a render with an actual whole 3D helmet model.

    I placed the camera around here with a FOV of about 60


    and I only got this much visible


    So to get the helmet like on your video you would need a fov around 150

    Anyway, if you wont find the goggles then I think I can make a model that you can use as a texture, you're interested ?

    edit - Nick also noticed it :)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
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  15. Please any help is always appreciated :)
    But I tried to implement the Helmet View into F1 2013 And found it difficult as It was more complicated to add the views,

    In AC I have the Visor View as a App:) Which can just be turned on and off in the game itself while on the track , So its not much trouble to use once it is released it will be easy for people to create any type of view that they prefer for them self .

    I could not find any helmet templates at all to use and this was the cleanest example that I found I had to rework the graphic inside CS6 Then have added the visor strip and then contoured it to fit the shape of the template that I have found.

    Also I do not like it static and I am sure that it is just a case of changing the camera effects , Last night I found some settings and soon I will be editing those settings to see what effects if any I will be able to add, Would be nice to release the Mod with a load of settings and files so at least people know where the settings are so they can be easily adjusted to suit each drivers preference .

    So please guys if you want it releasing faster leave all your comments and ideas in this forum page and will add them , Also one more thing people are wanting sun glare,
    The sun glare I think depends on the type of day that you are on the track would be hard to add the glare to the visor as it would be there all the time .

    Here I will leave you Guys a Template so please feel free to make any changes to the Template and then upload it to mediafire or another site and leave the link in the description, I will add your Templates to the Mod and leave your name on the File,

    Template / "YourName"
    Size / 1280x720p / 1920x1080p / 1920x1200 / 2560x1440p
    <only templates with 2 of the above sizes will be added to the mod> :thumbsup:
    Template 720p.jpg
    Feel free to use the 3 Sized Templates and create your own designs change the entire thing if you want create them for the 60,70,and 80s but please only 2 out of the 3 sizes provided will be added to the release of the mod ,
    Good luck skinning :thumbsup:

    PS Just read a request of a visor at 1920x1200 so please create what you are needing as well and I will add that ;)
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  16. Is this what you was explaining that the DOF Was too far from the screen?
    I had a quick mess I would half the visor logo by about half of what it is?
  17. Could it be possible for you to make about 3 different templates for me to add to the mod like the DOF Accurate to 55DOF , 65DOF And maybe 75 ? then people would be able to create more real looking visors?
  18. I Am wanting to make this Mod a Community based Mod,
    I will be updating it each time new templates and visors get posted on the Mod itself and in the Mod I will have 2 Sub folders ie/

    And let the community build the mod with templates and visors with each sub folder holding a A/Z list of templates and visors with each persons name on it,

    This way the community will have a lot more choice when it comes to the designs that they prefer ,
    And yes please that template sounds great:thumbsup:
  19. It's kinda tricky. Each helmet is different, due to the many types. It also depends on your line of sight, and its almost impossible to replicate a varying depth of field in a 2D template.

    I've made a .psd file based around my own helmet. The top part is barely visible and your brain removes it when driving as its out of your line of sight.

    The chin piece is much more in your line of sight, and it more or less blocks out anything under you or near your chest area. However, when driving, you dont focus on it and therefore it shouldn't block your vision of driving. I've made a guestimate in my template.

    As for the visor strip, I personally dont have one on my newest helmet, but have one on my older one. Its probably down to personal preference on this on how far down you want it, but I've made it with a less of a curve on it though compared to the original. Its also its own layer so move it up/down as you wish. Its just a block of colour so use clipping masks to make any original images/logos fit the shape of the box.

    Template is based on the largest size - easier to downsize than to upsize without loss of pixel quality :)
    http://www.surrealillusions.co.uk/Templates/Templae 1440p.psd