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Helmet Sebastian Vettel Suzuka 2012 by pmgl

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by pmgl71, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. fantastic work, thx
  2. Great work pmgl.....your helmets are the best ;) THX
  3. :rolleyes: wow :rolleyes: thx
  4. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    Very nice :thumbsup:
  5. brilliant work, thank you again pmgl!
  6. That's a really nice helmet :) Never got to see it much over the Japan GP. Thanks pmgl71 for making it. Also this is not a request or anything I'm just curious to know if you or any other modder plans to release Kamui's helmet he wore during that GP weekend?
  7. Many thx!, much better than my version, however it helps if you have the right software!

    Still, will use this instead of my own, unbelieveably brilliant!
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  8. Superb as always mate.

  9. this looks very cool!
  10. I'm very happy to see all of these custom helmets on here. Thank you for making them.
  11. fantastic.thanks.:cool:
  12. :) maybe you can make one helmet for me with the colombian flag and with the fire form and the red bull symbol and the last thing with the name juan jimenez please
    if you can make this for me I would be really grateful :thumbsup: