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Helmet Replacement MOD 1.0

6 New colorful helmet for career

  1. I think you should've made them all different template, not just change colors, and add some sponsors like monster or red bull on the side....But nice work anyway, there was just a few helmet mods last year, I hope there will be more for the 14 ;)
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  2. I would like to make some nice helmet skin, but I need a Career helmet model, to make it easily!
  3. realitychecked


    Or you study the texture to make the helmet. I made my helmet with no assits at all, no mid-testing, I just continued placing and designing my helmet until the final product which I finally see in 3D in the game.
  4. Yes, but I would like make "perfect" skins, like the Daijiro Kato helmet at last year, to the MotoGP '13. So I need a model, if I would like to place sponsors, or logos correctly to the back or the top of the helmet...
  5. Ok guys, I'm not a pro XD I'm noto so good to make helmets from a total zero
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  6. realitychecked


    It's alright, even though I don't understand the use of the Honda logo there...