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Helmet Replacement Mod 2014

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Giovaneveterano, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. This mod replace the defaults helmet with new ones. Ok I admit that the work is not very good, I made it just to have new helmets as soon as I can: some helmets doesn't fit as they should but the result is better than defaults helmets.


    TUTORIAL (follow step by step)
    Step 0: In your motogp14 folder, backup the GFX.MIX file!
    Step 1
    : Download the mod
    Step 2: Open the .zip files and extract the GFX folder into it.
    Step 3: Download Mixfile Remixer (it's a tool for edit the game) here:
    Mixfile ReMixer http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/mixfile-remixer.71456/
    Step 4: Open Mixfile ReMixer, then Browse (in the upper right) and go to your motogp14 main directory, then select the GFX.MIX file.
    Step 5: In Mixfile ReMixer click on Browse (this time right down) and choose Desktop. The tool extract the file GFX.MIX on the desktop. As it finish it should be a folder on you desktop named GFX.
    Step 6: Overwrite the GFX folder with the one you downloaded before.
    Step 7: In Mixfile Remixer switch tab "create new mix file", then Browse (right up) and select the GFX folder from your desktop.
    Step 8: Select from drop-down menu "SBK-X\V8", then Browse (right down) and select the Desktop, then in the text box name the file GFX.MIX. It should create a new mixfile on the desktop.
    Step 9: Copy the new file in your motogp14 folder and overwrite.

    Imdsmzxcbagine.png Imdsmagine.png sdsdds.png
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  2. realitychecked


    Well this isn't like F1 games where every helmet has the same template but their models are all different. The only ones that work for career mode are X-lite and Nolan, maybe HJC works too, I dunno.
  3. I hope you would try to mod these helmets... Thanks