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Helmet Cam

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Kartik Sri Harsha, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Can some body make a Cam like Visor cam just like we saw in Brazil GP Practice sessions from Seb Vet???
    Thanx In Advance

  2. Placing a cockpit cam at this position would for sure be possible. The looking to apex could also be done but I don't think it's possible to mimic the leaning in that Seb is doing, only rotating the camera. Making the camera super shaky is also possible. So to answer your question: yes someone can make a cam like this.

    But I wouldn't want to drive with this. Just watching the video makes me sick from all the motion and shaking I don't know how anyone could play the game like this. I understand that this is as close to a real viewpoint of an F1 driver as we can get but when your head is not being pushed around by the forces that Seb's is subject to in the video then it would feel wrong imho. I think that is why I am feeling sick watching the video, my brain can't handle that view because my head isn't feeling any gforce and it is not me who is deciding where to look in the corners. (It is a very cool video though)

    Also, I know the mods would appreciate it if we kept posts like this in the REQUESTS THREAD!. Too many times people make threads and users think there is a new mod when it is a request/idea.
  3. I've already posted this in Mod requests thread and to your point yes the View point was the same as the real F1 driver i love to drive in this view as i'm a cart racer so i love to do the laps in the real point view
    I wish some one can do this Cam Mod so that i can really see the track as much close as i can get
  4. Well, this is a helmetcam, not a visorcam, its higher...
    And yes - i saw this cam in the RDDev mod 2011 for the game 2010 last year... If i remember corectly Rini or Luh did it...

    P.S. This is a visorcam video

    Edit. Its very funny how he fix his balls on 0:20 hahaha...
  5. For me too, playing with helmet cam as Vettel video, is impossible, maybe with the second video, the visiorcam it would be possible, i think there was a cam mod made by RDDev member for F1 2010, i don't remember if there is one for F1 2011