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Helmet/brace based Yaw/Pitch/Roll motion simulator

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by assettonoob, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Hi I thought maybe an idea I had would be good to share with you. I don't know if it's been done before or currently. I also don't know if it's already patented so much that anybody who tried it wouldn't instantly die a death of a thousand cuts from the paperwork sent by lawyers. :D

    Here's my idea:
    I see a lot of motion simulators that get made for racing and all cost far too much and take up more space.
    I wonder if it's possible to wear a helmet or brace mounted on your head attached to your neck/body to simulate driving forces through with motors or servos?!
    Then you could move the head to simulate the yaw, pitch and roll angle.
    In this way I imagine you would feel everything a simulated car is doing (except G forces) and be able to control it in a natural way. All at a lower cost and smaller size than a full size simulator. Obviously you'd need to use an Oculus Rift or something similar as well.

    Hopefully you guys don't think I'm nuts as I see lots of projects and mods posted on here.
  2. this makes a little buzz in the simracing comunity some tiem ago but it seems the project gone canceled or something cause theres no update to it
  3. Interesting. It's a similar idea to one idea I had in my head but I have no idea why you would only it to just simulate G forces?! Also why use a full face helmet instead of a brace around the head or open face helmet?! They can't use a VR screen at all.
    I just think I'd like to feel yaw and suspension movement so that driving would come naturally like it does in real life, instead of learning from trial and error. Lots of other things need to be improved as well so I don't think a 'realistic' virtual driving experience will happen for a very long time. :( Current technology just isn't good enough for the task.
  4. this is another prototype by frex it combines the lateral movement of the sea with a back and forth movement of the actuator con the head...
  5. Wow I'm glad someone is doing it! I suggested this idea to Turn 10 and a wheel company a year ago and they didn't reply. Frex must think there's a small market though. :)

    The way they've engineered it looks fine but it's far too expensive for a non-millionaire like me! It should make driving on sims more natural though as it should react fast.

    I hope it doesn't give you motion sickness or problems with focusing on the screen when used with a static display, that's my only worry. I think it would feel far more natural used with a VR screen.
  6. Sim tools and Gear motor's are Faster than a Frex Actuator BY Far.
  7. Thanks for the info. Well that's the way they are doing it anyway.
  8. Yes for the 2dof mount is better the motors but for the head movement the installation would be a total mess and actuators are more suitable for this, motors can carry more load but depending on the reduction and motor type are slower, for a head forces simulation i think actuators are more suitable, cleaner setup, lighter (less load for 2 dof) and head is not that heavy actuators are more than enought.