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Hello Racedepartment

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Foehn, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Hello everybody
    I introduce to this community. I'm a French Man.
    I raced mostly offline for training on RACE07, rFactor and rFactor2. I play also at Assetto Corsa.
    Recently, I started to convert some track from Rf to Rf2

    I drive on the French championship with Peugeot

    Thanks to Race Department and its great community for this space.

    PS: I'm sorry if my english is not good enough, it's not my native language.
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  2. Welcome Foehn,

    And first my condolences to you and your fellow countrymen. The world feels your pain and understands how a few small minds can do so much damage. Perhaps if we could encourage people to race out their aggressions, the world would be a finer place. (A lot of crushed metal sad to say).

    Welcome to the community. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences in racing everywhere. I am a sim racer, GT6, Assetto Corsa, and looking at Race07, so your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

    Vive la France! (Hope I got that right)

    Toby (dctoe)
  3. Tks Toby