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Hello - I'm new! I need a sim recommendation!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Plus Four Engineering, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    OK, all ready for a ton of recommendations :D I'm currently in my first season of real-world racing in the UK, so naturally some kind of simulator is going to be really helpful, on top of testing and track time.

    So, what to go for? Being able to chose any UK circuit is going to be hugely important, so I can't limited by games which only provide a limited set of tracks "out of the box". Similarly, being able to select a Caterham would be handy, but less important. rFactor 2 seems to tick the boxes from what I've read.

    Also - hardware. I'm due a new laptop, so would like to use something portable, as I can take it around with me.

    Finally - controls?

    Budget is about £1k for the whole package.

    Looking forward to racing some of you :)
  2. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Backmarker Champion 2015 & so far this year. Staff Premium Member

    Hi and welcome to Race Department:)
    I'm sure there are plenty of members here who be pleased to advise you.
    Certainly physics wise rF2 is good choice, however it can have optimisation issues which may cause problems. It has a demo so you are able to test it.
    I would suggest checking out the various game forums and check both our Racetube and YT as well to see videos of the games.
    I would also say look at some of the older games GTR2, Race 07 and rF1, as they have many modded tracks that cover all UK circuits although they are not lazer scanned.
    None of the latest games have all UK circuits OTB but Assetto Corsa has modded ones.
    As to controllers then probably a Thrustmaster tx300 would suit.
    As I say ask around, there are others like yourself who drive in both worlds so they will be able to advise you much better than me.
    Enjoy your time here, and good luck with your career.
  3. You are (or will be) in a position few sim racers are in - to be able to compare simulated racing cars and tracks with the real thing. Rather than rely on what is normally biased and not always well informed opinions I would spend a small fraction of your budget on buying more than one racing sim and evaluating them for yourself.

    However, if you are looking for UK tracks as part of the sim "out of the box" I'm not sure rF2 is the best fit as it only features Silverstone. Assetto Corsa features Silverstone and Brands Hatch, both laser scanned (though the latter is part of dlc). Project Cars features Silverstone, Donington Park, Cadwell Park, Snetterton, Oulton Park, and Brands Hatch. It also features 3 different Caterhams. iRacing features (laser scanned) Silverstone, Donington Park, Brands Hatch and Oulton Park though you will have to buy them as they are not part of the standard pack.
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  4. Thanks, for the replies. I didn't word my post very well, looking back :)

    What I was trying to say is that I will need a sim which allows the addition of custom tracks and DLC, rather than a sim which only allows you to use the out of the box tracks.

    For example, I had considered something like project cars and a PS4, but there are very few uk circuits, and no option to add.

    Does AC allow you to add content? I got the impression that you got what you gat with the game, and that's it.

    Thanks again.
  5. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Backmarker Champion 2015 & so far this year. Staff Premium Member

    Not at all, AC is a modders paradise. Check here for an idea of how many are around.
    The only downsides are that often when the game is updated the mods become useless until and if the modder updates them and there are not all of great quality.
    As David said you can pick up a Steam key for GTR2 and a Race 07 bundle from some of the market sites for under a tenner for both, and AC for about £20 - 25 so getting them and trying them might be your best way forward.
  6. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

    Maybe Rfactor 1 it's old but plenty of mod content about.

    Btw : sure I've seen a post like this some were before :whistling:
  7. Thanks, Kenny.

    Had a play with it, and AC looks to be just the ticket. The search facility on here is great for finding tracks, and AC seems to tick all the boxes.

    Bought a half decent joypad (TM GPX) for experimenting with, but it's not really ideal - overly sensitive, and hard to hold a consistent arc.

    Ideally I'd go for T500RS, as it seems to have all the features out of the box. It's a lot though, for something that might not prove to be useful as a circuit trainer. So.... cheap alternative to get a better experience than joypad, before shelling out on building a rig?
  8. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Backmarker Champion 2015 & so far this year. Staff Premium Member

    Glad to see you're sorted for the time being. On the wheel front I would suggest you'd be better off with a T300 as users seem to think it's smoother (and of course newer) then it's big brother.
  9. That's the T300 RS, yes?

    EDIT: Ignore me - I did a search and educated myself.... :)
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
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  10. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium Member

    I tried and tested the T300 RS, T500 RS and TX before I made my buy, I was far more impressed with the T500 RS, the forces it can produce are closer to real life than the other 2. The T300 does seem to be a bit smoother, but the forces feel less "real" to me. Also the pedals of the T500 RS are a much better deal.

    I would also suggest diving into rFactor 2 next to AC, it has a lot of good modded content, a superior tire model and better feeling to the FFB out of the box. It isn't as shiny as AC, but it is a good quality product.

    I have pretty much all sims, but for modding and driving experience rFactor 2 and AC are definitely the better choices with AMS following closely.

    For immersion R3E is a great choice, but it is a bit steep in the way it offers its content.
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  11. Thanks, Frank. Picked up a T300 RS for peanuts, and pleased with that so far! Would like three pedals and a stick, but for now this is so much better than any previous experience I've had on sims.
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  12. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium Member

    You can't go wrong with these either way, so all picks are fine! Enjoy!
  13. Hi all! I'm a newbie. Looking forward to a good discussion with you guys!
  14. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Backmarker Champion 2015 & so far this year. Staff Premium Member

    Hello Barbara and welcome to Race Department:).
    Can I just mention you've actually posted this in someone else's intro thread, but no matter you're here now and thats all to the good.
    You don't mention what racing games or motorsports you are interested in, RD covers most of them so if you have any questions please just ask in the forums.
    Hope you enjoy your time here and find plenty to interest you.