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Hello fellow racers! Introducing skinnybmw

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by skinnybmw, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Good afternoon! My name is Pieter, 35 years old from the Netherlands, Europe. I have been a car fan all my life, especially (old) BMW's and German/Italian cars. Sim racing is in my blood and started with GP and GP2 from Microprose. I have experience with almost every sim-racer and my favourites are GP2, rFactor, iRacing, GTR2, Race - WTCC, Richard Burns Rally, TOCA2 and now I'm discovering Assetto and pCars. Which one is better, do you think? I prefer realism above graphics. Mods aren't new for me either, I did it already in GP2. I want to buy an Occulus Rift when the development is finished and for sim-racing I use the Logitech G25 since 2010.

    I've owned several real cars like a BMW E30 325i with 192bhp M50B25 24V engine, BMW E34 3.6 M5 with 315bhp and now I own an Alfa Romeo GT 1.9JTD chipped to 182bhp. For my hobby I'm planning to buy a BMW E31 850i or a BMW Z3 Coupe 2.8 or 3.0. Which one would you choose?

    I saw already some damn good stuff here to put in AC, like the Miura LP400s, the Primera BTCC, Nordschleife and the Lake Louise Mod.

    Thanks for reading!

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2014