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Hello. Also, multiplayer and ports question.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Simon Benham, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hello all, I'm new here after RichTranter told me about this place. Just got this game to go with Race 07 and have had limited practice time with it so far but am liking it.

    One issue we're both having though, is when we try to host our own 1vs1 private server, after setting the ports given by the official game FAQ, we still cannot seem to join one another. We click on the game name and select join, but nothing happens, at all.

    Anyone able to offer any hints or tips as to what we might be doing wrong? We've even tried setting our pc ip's as DMZ zones on our routers but still no joy. Pings appear ok in the server list, just no luck actually joining.

    I'm itching to get in some small practice runs with Rich so I can see how I fare.

    Thanks ever so much for any info you can give.
  2. Have you correctly forwarded these ports:

    TCP+UDP 48942-48957
    UDP 26900-26907If so when your server is showing waht ping is its stating if its 5000 you may be still having a firewall issuse
  3. I am having the same issues as him. We have both tried hosting. To start with the ping was 5k. Now its like 47-50.

    But when you enter the password the game just freezes a second and remains on the password menu.
  4. Sounds like you have now cleared your firewall issues, so maybe now its down to the power of your machines (not enough ram, or CPU getting overloaded?) ... does just the game freeze or the entire machine??

    Where are you hosting the server, on the same machine as you are trying to play the game ... can you move it elsewhere?

    (BTW never done this so can't tell you if you need separate server license, or whether steam will allow you to host on one machine and connect to it from another, but using the same license/steam id?)
  5. It's just the basic multiplayer internet option that we're trying to use, and it just doesn't "do" anything once we input the password for the (user)server we just created. The game itself doesn't crash or anything like that, it just refuses to go any further than the "input password" stage, no errors are given.

    Essentially we're just trying to do what we accomplished with rFactor, which is where one of us hosts a server with the intention of just the two of us to use for a quick race or two for practice.

    The quoted ports are indeed forwarded and we've even tried a DMZ zone to make sure, I guess we're just hoping someone will come along and tell us we're forgetting something obvious! :)
  6. Is "Creating your own server" the same as "hosting" a game?
  7. Yes and No. If you Host via the deadicated server in the server setup you have more choices than you do if you just create one.

    As for the something obviious:

    I tried for ages to host a deadicated server I even went as far as to ring my ISP. But in the end, I found the soultion. It was a bit drastic I know but I found that once I factory reset my router and then made sure that the first opend ports were for Race07 I since yet to find a problem when it comes to hosting.
  8. Might be worth a shot, thanks I'll bare that in mind. :)
  9. How about your both windows firewalls, are they configured for both dedicated server and game itself?
  10. So even if I host a game I need to open that port on my router?
  11. Sure, you have to config both. Else outgoing traffic from your server will be blocked from windows firewall and incoming traffic won't come through your routers firewall.

    Make sure you have windows fw entries for both Race07 game and dedicated server(s). I've noticed that I have 2 dedicated server exe files:

    1.) .../race07/RaceDedicatedServer_Steam.exe
    2.) .../race07ds/RaceDedicatedServer_Steam.exe
  12. I lost you on the last paragraph. windows fw?
  13. He means the Widows Firewall and well and Your routre firewall.

    It should by default add to your Windows Firewall.
  14. Im having the same issue with my port forwarding. Im using a D-Link DI-524 router and cannot get this to work.

    Any suggestions? Ive tried everything, im not sure what im doing wrong.

    ***Edit*** No firewall is running on either the router or Windows.