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Misc Heikki Lotus Pack 1.2

add kovalainen to lotus

  1. lesleyyb submitted a new resource:

    heikki lotus pack - add kovalainen to lotus

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  2. Kimi Kovalainen ? jajaja
  3. ???
  4. Great Job, could you tell me wich font do you use for the pilot name on the car?
  5. The lotus car livery ;)
  6. Can I change him with Grosjean?
  7. Is possible, but then you must change the database,the frontend folder and the car livery
  8. cuando termina una carrera aparece Kimi Kovalainen!
  9. RD is an English forum, please stick to that.
  10. English please i don' speak spanish as a dutchman
  11. nice!

    is it possible to make a lotus with the expo logo on it or is it impossible due to some mirroring issue? sorry, don't know much about paintings for the game.
  12. You wanted something ? ;) [​IMG]
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  13. great job :thumbsup:
  14. Awesome! Don't suppose this is in an updated download is it? :)
  15. Not yet
  16. without meaning to sound like a right royal pain in the arse, is there anyway you could tell me how you did this, Ive been trying to do similar stuff since 2011 with very little success :(
  17. Did what? The whole car or just some small parts?
  18. E
    Oh yes!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:
  19. really just driver changes, i can live with having the wrong name on the car
  20. changed the names in the database and made sure the name was in the language file