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Headlight Mod for Stock V8?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, May 17, 2013.

  1. I just installed the headlight mod for the mini cooper, but I would really love to get my hands on a headlight mod for the Stock V8.

    I noticed in the PLR file that there are a couple of lines for changing the time of day in the game

    Practice1StartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
    QualifyingStartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
    WarmupStartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight
    QUICK RaceStartingTime="-1" // -3=random, -2=random daytime, -1=default RFM, 0-1439=minutes after midnight to start race

    Sometimes I like to play using "-3", which is awesome, but if it is a long race - it can very dark to the point where you can't see where the hell you are going. The stars come out and it looks amazing. I have no idea why they never made headlights for these cars and made the time of day an in-game setting that players could change in the game on the fly.

    So is there a headlight mod for the Stock V8? I'm guessing not. I would be willing to pay for this.
  2. I think the main difference between the Minis and V8s is the Mini Challenge cars have functioning headlights in real life. The V8s just have decals for headlights (ala NASCAR). Although it would be cool to see Stock Car Brasil have an endurance race, day to night with these cars with functioning lights would be cool.

    But more importantly, Stock Car races in the rain, right? They do have windscreen wipers, so why not lights for rain races as well? Hmm...
  3. The key word being "Mod".

    There should be a headlight mod for the Stock V8, even if the cars don't have real headlights in real life. It's not that big a deal, I just thought it would be fun to race the V8's at night once in a while.
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