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Head tracking.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Blake-Lee Danher, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Has any one got it working ?? Cos I havnt. Help please
  2. Yes I have.

    Step 1 is to go into the playstation eye part of the options menu. Make sure your camera is suitably zoomed in and the acquisition box is set around where your head will be. Have a play with the settings and you should see the white cross follow your face around the box as you move. It will help the camera/software if the lighting is reasonably even on your face.

    Step 2 go to arcade mode time trial and select a cockpit view. You should now be able to look around the cockpit.

    The unbelievably frustrating and stupid thing is I think that it only appears to work in arcade mode time trials. Hopefully they will patch it to work in career soon as I bought an PS Eye mainly for this game and spend 99% of my time in GT in career A-Spec mode where thus far it doesn't work!
  3. Ive been using it in arcade single race mode but it only seems to work for certain cars! the ones at the top end of the scale as far as I can gather?
  4. Ah that sucks that it only works in arcade mode.