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HDTV 1080p resolution problem

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Erg, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Erg



    I use a 40" 1080p samsung hdtv as monitor with my system. When I set desktop resolution to 1080p everything gets too small so I can't see letters and small icons etc. So I set desktop resolution to 1366x768 (basic - not hdtv 720p or 1080p in AMD CCC).

    The problem is when I start Assetto Corsa there is no problem but even if I set 1366x768 in options of Assetto Corsa, it goes 1080p (1920x1080 60p) when I start racing/practicing. So it is disturbing and can't see the apps on the right side of screen.

    Any idea how to fix this problem? Is it about AC track screen or my system or my TV?


    My system:
    AMD 5600K APU (on board gpu is deactivated)
    Powercolor HD 7850 2GB GPU
    8GB 2133mhz Ram

    Ps: I use HDMI cable connection (good quality one)

    Ps2: I solved problem temporarily by setting in game resolution option as 1920x1080 50HZ. By the way it is still set to 1366x768 on desktop. No problem with game UI screen and race screen now but I can't set higher detail levels in game because of high (1920x1080) resolution.
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  2. Might be completely wrong here, but have you tried adjusting overscan/underscan in your graphics card settings? That could be the root of your issue.
  3. Erg


    Well, now I will try powerstrip app for overscan/underscan detection. First time for me so I have to learn more about it. Thanks, I will give it a try..
  4. if you have catalyst control centre (not well versed in compatibility with different cards, assume it is universal for amd cards) here's the screen:
  5. Erg


    I once used that function for desktop settings. But now the situation is while desktop scaling is OK, game's (race screen) is overscanned or underscanned (according to resolution and "hz" choice). So only if I choose 1920x1080 50p, it is ok. And if I choose 1366x768 and Alt+Enter it is also OK.. It is really strange how it decides to show the game racing screen. I don't get the logic what it is about. "Hz", "resolution" or "tv" or "graphic cards" settings. So I will try more and more and if I find a certain solution, will let everyone know..
  6. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What is the model on your TV?
  7. Erg


  8. Erg


    ..and I just saw that there is an upgrade file(usb type it says) on samsung's website. So I will try to upgrade it, maybe that works..
  9. Another option is to use 1920x1080 resolution and set your Windows scaling to 125% which is what I use on my living room PC when I play on my 67" TV.

    Using Windows 7, right click mouse on desktop, select personalize, then select display, then select Medium 125%, Windows will then ask you to log off, then you log back on and everything you should be scaled 25% larger while still using your native 1920x1080 resolution.
  10. Erg


    Thank you, that works as well but my point is "high resolution/low performance". I mean I want to set both desktop and game race screen to 1600x900 or lower but it's not possible yet. No problem to use desktop at 1080p (no performance issues) but the game reaches my system's limits with 1080p so I have to lower other detail settings..

    By the way TV's update file didn't work, it detects the USB as a media content but can't recognize the update file.
  11. Oh ok, in your original post, you didn't mention having performance issues. You just said you couldn't read the text and icons. If you're having performance issues, you have no choice but to drop the resolution or lower the game detail settings.
  12. Terra21

    Premium Member

    Have u tried going into samsung menu picture settings select screen adjustment then set to screen fit