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Steering Wheels HD4096 Williams Wheel 1.0

High resolution Williams Steering Wheel

  1. uv316 submitted a new resource:

    HD4096 Williams Wheel - High resolution Williams Steering Wheel

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  2. Excellent work, download it right now
  3. Is there a particular reason this wheel is 4096 and the others are 2048?

    Great job nevertheless.
  4. Thanks mate.

    To answer your question....... Well, I've only just started doing this and am still learning as I go. I've tried to get the textures as crisp and clean looking as possible with the previous wheels, but I felt that I was not achieving what I wanted, particularly on the buttons. So I upped the res to see if it gave an improvement.

    I think that it does, but the way that the game renders shadows on the buttons still gives them a jagged look at times even under high AA - noticable more in screenies than in-game - and it's also difficult to get them looking pronounced, but there's not much I can do about that, at least with my current skill-set.
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  5. With keyshot you can easly make renders about the wheels. ML even released the steering wheel models for the last year game. This game uses the same wheel models as last years so no problem using those models for previews.
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  6. Thanks man, I'll keep that in mind. And hey, at least I won't get trashed with one star ratings now from Hawaiian Guy for only using 4x the standard codemasters resolution. :O_o:
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