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Skins HD Manor Marussia 2015 v1.0

MR03B Season Liveries + More!

  1. NobbyMilo submitted a new resource:

    HD Manor Marussia 2015 - MR03B Season Liveries + More!

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  2. This is fantastic. The work you do for this game is great and I know it will take up a lot of your own time, so we all really appreciate this. You are a fantastic modder and thank you so much for giving us the 2015 machines in gorgeous HD. :)
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  3. Thanks for your kind words, really appreciate them.
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  4. The best of the best M8!!!:):thumbsup::thumbsup: Can you may be do the pack for all cars ?? it would be nice to download all in one :) :rolleyes:
  5. Thanks for your answer at my review mate.
    Yeah, I must be blind since UK version is right in the middle. Sorry.
    One more question though... :geek:
    Can you tell which is the version car in the upper left corner of your preview image please ?
    I think I like that version the most. :thumbsup:
  6. Man, ain't I glad that F1 2015 allows for skinning? Nonetheless, I really do appreciate all the work you have done for this game. Thanks for giving us the 2015 machines in HD mate!
  7. Thank you for nice job!!
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  8. Thanks for the word everyone. gamer19..that is abu dhabi version.
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