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having difficulty keeping up...

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Bsantos, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. i m having a real hard time keeping up with other drivers..

    im losing a lot of grip and seems the car slides around too much. i cant take a fast corner without going off the track and just not able get the hang of this years game. i was great on 2011 but for some reason this year just not happening.

    can anyone help .. i love this game but really need assistance....

  2. If your back end seems to be just sliding off the road, then you are either likely turning the wheel too fast that you are creating oversteer or you are turning while braking and just losing control. Try braking earlier so that you come off the brake before turn in and move the wheel slower at turn in point. Coasting around a corner sometimes helps too.

    Ramble ramble hope this helps :).
  3. Protip : Relearn the game, the game's handling is quite different, almost jarring if the switch from 2011 to 2012 was abrupt.

    But it's for the good, teach that leadfoot some practice, and if you can't find good setups here, the default is still good to get a feel for the car.
  4. thanks guys, i will try tonite, you basically have to run a mistake free race to even be competitive. im averaging 1.34.00 in Australia where i have ALWAYS gotten pole position in previous games. really frustrating.

    turn 4 in australia drives me insane...:O_o:
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  5. Isn't that how real races work too? :>

    Webber couldn't get back after getting that unfortunate spin caused by Grosjean.

    And it's not really a matter of going 101% everytime, it pays off, but there are times that you should slow down if you can't commit anymore due to factors.
  6. kindly anyone tell me how to win races in Professional difficulty mode with Sauber with keyboard and all assists on.I put on aperfect lap yet nowhere near to the times of all top teams.Always qualify 18th also the gap between 18th and 17th is too much.I use the best possible setups from u guys still no help.Help!!!!!!!!!!
  7. F1 is a game of skill, setup and luck.

    I think you're missing the skill part, setups are less than a quarter of the whole picture.

    Take for example, Red Bull vs Ferrari, top cars, two different capabilities, yet it is still up to the drivers to make or break their chance of winning.

    Skill comes from practicing hard, if you expect to just nab some setup here, and expect to achieve the same lap times, then you're totally wrong.

    Luck... is avoiding Grosjean and Maldonado

    Oh, and since you're a keyboard user, I suggest trying a nice gamepad or a wheel. It upgrades the whole experience! (And I bet you're gonna shave off seconds)
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  8. Could u just suggest me a nice gamepad?
  9. Or... just get a wheel
  10. some people cant afford wheels, gamepads arent that bad.

    try to get the Madcats COD:BO xboxcontroller edition, the knobs and triggers are tighter than any wheel and pedals, meaning u have almost a 90% similarity to wheel performance.

    trust me I played with it a while back and still destroyed the TT times legitemately on wet and dry of some of the big top names in here, hell even raced and won a few times with it.

    It's what you feel most confrtable with. 2011 had the sweet spot in car set up, 2012 is like a fantasy out of order set up. Handling is fine, but still a few inconsistant understeer in certain turns exist, no matter how low you go down the gears. quiet a disappointment, but im glad im top 100 in TT with no aids, thats all it matter other than that is quiet a borken game. GFWl ftw.
  11. I've you have a PS3 you can use that controller with DS3 Tool and emulate it as an XBox360 controller. Works great in game, though I'm not the biggest fan of the triggers and analogue stick layout.

    An XBox360 controller for PC will also work well, especially if you like that controller design already.
  12. It took me a while to get used to the turn in point but feels fine now. T1 in Melbourne the obvious place initiallly where it shows up. Well impressed by their patch rate - demonstrates care and attention to the product. For me, F1 2012 is the most complete sim out there, even tho others pip it to the post in one or two areas.

    Next year will be fascinating - lots more titles released. I wonder who'll grab the lions share? Typical really, wait a few years for decent sims then they all come at you at once!!!
  13. You must roll through corners more this year before accelerating. Very easy to lose the back end. I've been re-learning myself.