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Have your say on the future of F1

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Keith Peppiatt, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. When I enter my details it just takes me to the "Thank you for taking part in this survey" screen... :(
  2. thats a shame Rhys. Maybe they already have your answers from browsing the forums :wink:
  3. Afaik it's for Europeans :). I filled it in yesterday.

    This question said a lot:
    De meeste nieuwe circuits zijn niet interessant en hebben een gebrek aan karakter

    The most new circuits are not interesting and lack character.

    There you had to say whether you agreed or not. LOL
  4. yes i enjoyed that one as well. also smiled at the 5 names of companies that come to mind... don't know why but i still see Marlboro despite F1 banning cigarette advertising.... weird cannot understand why i see this :wink:
  5. LOL Keith i filled under that step too Malboro and West ;D
  6. Same here, I put Marlboro on 1.
  7. same here too... it was the first thing that came to my mind :smile:
  8. How bizarre is that i put Marlboro in no.1 spot too, and Rothmans in spot 3, LOL
  9. For the future I really hope they go away from that stupid slogan "The green F1" I must smlile every time I hear it ^^

    lol there are 20 drivers driving in circuit ^^

    Why should motorsport be green ? Thats stupid...
    They should simply doing motorsport on highest level. The best drivers in the fastest cars. They should drive on difficult tracks.
    One thing that I find stupid to is all new tracks are desiged by that Dr. Tilke ? Thats stupid because all tracks I think are a bit the same s*** lol

    They should re-legalize cigarette advertising. A team should be able to show any sponsor they can get. Why ban cigarets ? Its stupid.

    Stupid politiks should go in there parlaments to do theyr blabber. But please stay out of sports... i hate it.