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Have spent a few hours with it, a couple questions on Season Challenge

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jack Acid, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. 1. Does anyone know if Season Challenge mode's calendar is dynamic, or is it static (as I suspect)? I like the mode a lot but it would be ideal if the calendar was randomized or better yet, if we had a chance to build our own schedule.

    2. Can anyone confirm if the AI in Season Challenge mode scales with the starting selection of Easy, Med or Hard? I see that's you can control AI difficulty in your profile settings, but it seems like the AI scales in SC mode depending on what you select from the start. I want to ensure I am playing Professional.

    I ask #2 because in says in my player stats that my favorite AI is Intermediate diff, but I've never had my AI set to that -- so wondering if it's a glitch, or if it registered as Intermediate when I played SC on Medium for a few races before starting over on Hard. Really hoping the Profile diff applies to all modes.

  2. its static unfortunately.
  3. #2 When I played demo, I have driven tree races, one on each difficulty. On hard best AI was 1:22, on medium 1:25 and on easy 1:29. Quali times. I have also got few times AI 1:25 on hard, but that is just bad day for 23 F1 drivers:)
  4. OK that's what I thought. A little unfortunate that you can't play with all teams on Pro + difficulty, but I guess I understand.

    I wonder what the AI diff is for Hard then? Is it Pro or expert? I have to think Medium is Intermediate.
  5. Thanks mate, that's what I was afraid of. SC would really benefit from a dynamic calendar -- if you're going to bother changing the order of the season, it makes no sense to omit 9 tracks. A custom schedule would be even better.

    Might email Codies and make a suggestion for an update.
  6. Happen to know if the WEATHER is dynamic in Season Mode?
  7. That i do not know. Im out of town currently, but i will check once i have time to play again.