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Has the difficulty increased after pach 3.0?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Hor-hay, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Last 3 races Dubai, Monaco and Imola I'm finding it harder to get on pace with the Formula B. Just wondering because I used to be able to just jump into practice and after a session be on pace at 80% or higher difficulty.
  2. ouvert


    I think so .. I didn`t play pC too much lately but at 80% I`m usualy 1-2 seconds ahead of AI after first lap of race, which wasn`t the case when I was testing patch 3.0 ..
  3. Several tracks at the AI lines tweaked for better AI performance in the 3.0 patch.
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  4. I'd say the AI performance has increased. I usually have the AI set at 88 for racing in GT class at the British circuits and I am usually in the top 5. But now I am suddenly struggling to keep up. I like it. The game has got signifficantly better. Just waiting for the full animated pitstops that Ian Bell promised were coming.
    @Ian Bell When are the full animated pitstops coming that you promised would be fixed soon?
  5. ouvert


    So I'd like to change my previous answer, i had issue with pedals (brake was constantly braking little bit), ai is just as slow as ever... For example G40 on donington(and Oulton, Snetterton, Silverstone and few other tracks) they are 1-1,5 second slower on 100% difficulty than average speed driver (me) using default setup, not really pushing to the limit ... No point of qualifying as than you are hotlapping alone during race... With gt3, formula rookie I haven't try it at 100% but at 94 it is the same case
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  6. This is wrong as per se ...
    Full animated pitstops are comming, it just takes time to implement without big amounts of bugs.

    This is absolutely correct!
  7. What's wrong per se? I have asked when they are coming. Do you mean I'm wrong to ask? Or do you disagree that the game has got better? Make sense will ya.
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