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Has the AI been tweaked recently?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by thatmotorfreak, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. It's been awhile since I last booted up the game (got hooked on sim trucking for awhile) and I just ran some laps with AI bots with EEC's GT3 cars. I've noticed that I had to turn down the AI strength down to 80% for a competitive laptime with the AI times. Not sure if my skills have faded, as I was doing top 5 qualifying positions on 90% in Marcas cars during the earlier builds. Seems as if the AI cars started driving faster for a rookie like me, I swear I even tried other cars and they would still kick my laptimes into oblivion.

    I might have remembered reading a changelog about AI improvements, but that was probably many weeks ago so I don't exactly remember which update did it.
  2. This always vary from car to car, especially on mods.
    But keep in mind the GT3 mod is made for our online leagues (and mostly made public because people will end up just telling lies saying they want to race just to get the mod and never appear again), the mod has no AI tunning in any way (AFAIK). Nobody never offered us help on this matter either.
  3. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    You may be a little rusty,I imagine you aren't pulling many G's in those trucks.I fnd the same thing happens to me when I have time off.Hammer those laps in and you'll be back.
  4. Gringo


    Not really.

    EEC AI physics is not designed for AMS from what I can read.

    The EEC AI will work to a point, but you should not compare to Reiza AI.

    As the EEC mod seems to be geared for online, I doubt the modders considered the AI balance.
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  5. Oh I see...had a feeling that I wasn't pushing myself fast enough then realized it was meant for MP.

    I'll still keep the mod anyway.
  6. AI has been tweaked a lot lately but I think its mostly their behavior and temperament as opponents rather than their outright pace.
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  7. fortyfivekev


    Had a really good offline race with the EEC mod (V1.1) the other night at Road America with 100% AI and even with no "tuning" it was working really well. The "Sean Edwards" Porsche (supercup car?) seemed a bit too quick (might be realistic I don't know) but the other cars were really well balanced laptime wise. Might just have been a lucky combination?

    Practise, practise, practise is all you can do really.
  8. We don't have a Cup physics, the car is there in case people want to paint a skin pack (and use the Boxer Cup physic) ;)
  9. xnorb


    So i just had that:
    Overdrove last corner (right hander), smashed into the wall and car died in the middle of the road.
    A few seconds later 2 AI cars approach, first is slowing down and passing me right (lots of room on the left side to just stay on the racing line) and the AI car behind it seems to also want to pass right, but didn't manage it and slowly bumped into my car.

    I recorded it, will edit and upload it for Reiza once i have time.
  10. I did lot of laps recently on Road America with EEC GT3 cars, the AI is on par with GSCE I would say, not as smart as AMS but it is good. Are you using some tracks that are not in the game? That could be a problem to.
  11. We should bear in mind that apparently every car series varies in their quality of racecraft, which is something @Gringo mentioned before. Mod cars, especially ones that are specifically stated as intended for online racing only, likely don't have any efforts made to refine their AI behaviors.

    So far my experience is that the MR18 is much cheekier than other series that are better behaved or make better choices. All still face the dreaded apex punt but its much diminished since the days of GSCE in my experience. Still, to race any AI competently you need to basically rub some paint in practice to figure out just where they will never give up, or even push you off.