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Has every car its own setup?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Michael Manuel Marini, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Hi guys...
    As the title say... has every car its own setup?
    I was doing some practice at Suzuka with Kobayashi (and its Sauber) and, after developing a defined setup, I have done a certain time.
    For comparing results, i decided to redo the practice session, this time with a Red Bull.
    I loaded the saved setup (with same kind of tyres, same fuel laps remaining, same engine type)
    "ok, i'm sorry for koba" I've said, while my engineer was checking if anyone was passing along the pitlane, "but now the strongest begins to play. I think I can beat the time for almost 3 or 4 seconds "

    Best time made with Vettel: it was the SAME time as the Sauber's one.


    depressed as an emo, i thought to retire myself from the racing world.
    But then i decided to ask you this question: is it possible that the setup i've developed was good only for the sauber and not for the RB? Can the "skills" of the RB affects in this way the setup for a track?
    Being so, for every car, there would be a working setup, different from one car than the others...!
    What do you think about it?
  2. Definitely -- there are certain classes of car, the Sauber being a low-to-midfield car: better than the Lotus or HRT but worse than the Williams and Toro Rosso. As the cars improve, you can use less downforce in the Wing settings to achieve the same actual amount of downforce on track -- allowing you to have less understeer with less camber, higher straight line speed and less unpredictable behaviour etc.

    Also it allows you to brake much later and hit apexes more easily! If you race the RBR around Monaco with the default setup, you'll notice that you'll be able to easily beat the Sauber in just about every respect. :) Once you start tweaking the setup for the RBR, you'll fly around the track.
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  3. While I haven't spent a ton of time doing setups I would say the answer is yes: each car needs it's own unique setup (and then every car on each track). However, as you know each driver will have their own style/preference (understeer/oversteer) in setup and so a pattern can emerge.

    I think the issue you are having may be due to the fact that the RB and the Sauber are two completely different cars. The Sauber is powered by Ferrari and RB by Renault which we all know is not the fastest in a straight line. So maybe the RB setup needs some tuning in gears? (and maybe less rear wing since there should be more overall grip?) I don't know the games value's for hp so this is just speculation.
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  4. ... also the handling is different in each car. With Redbull just can drive with open DRS everywhere i want on Valencia, with Merc just spinning in the fast corners...
  5. OK, so i have another question to add to this ... how does this affect the cars for online if all cars are set for equal ?
  6. May be online there is some equalisation, not sure... Hah, never think about that, interesting...
  7. I think online, every car effectively gets RBR handling.
  8. If every car gets RBR handling then everyone else with another car and setup has an disadvantage then because their setup is for another type of handling eg. carsetup. Is that right ?
    Maybe we should ask Codemasters. Very interesting actually.
    Also very interesting whn thinking of competing in a LAN tournament which we in Denmark held many times. Back then it was more simple in previous sims, as it was up to a powerfile to determine equal power and handling.
  9. I have posted this up on a couple of other forums, see what the felling is about this one.
  10. This is an old question. IIRC - Whilst the 'equal' part of multiplayer means everyone has the same performance car, and the basis for 'equal' is apparently the RedBull - each car retains its own chassis/aero characteristics which react differently to the environment so this does mean there are fundamental differences on track, and tweaks required to your setup depending what car you are in. Only very minor, and as I understand it, the very nature of the game engine/physics mean that things have to be this way.
    You cant have 16 RedBulls on the grid due to licencing restrictions, and you cant simply 'turn off' the games physics.
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  11. Thanks from here as well Paul. So regards to LAN Multiplayer competition, where people race face to face, the only way to make people equal, is to edit some file and make all "equal" / similar to RedBull, and leave some aero car variations to the drivers - correct ?

    Apart from that I guess you actually can have 16 RedBulls when we talk LAN Multiplayer as the competing drivers are not online, and can be quite "dont care" so to speak...
  12. Not played a LAN multiplayer, but I expect its just like internet multiplayer and you will be restricted by the game to 16 drivers and only 2 instances of each car.
    If you start editing the database I doubt the game will work.
    There is no file to edit to change the cars chassis / wheelbase / aero to be equal - its the fundamental car model/shape which dictates this, not database values. you have to live with it.
  13. It sounds like to get a proper set up online, the best way would be to go through the set up online in the required car, using a career setup as a base.
  14. Hi Paul, I will certainly bring this to others as I am quite sure we will get some LAN Multiplayer going here at some point. We had years back a LAN Multiplayer Championships, over seasons ( which I was lucky enough to win twice ;-) ) and back then it was solely up to the powerfile.
    Today with F1 2011 its a bit more enhanced with aero differencies you mention. Thanks ;)
  15. I think its the wheel bases which make the real difference when setting up cars. For example, when flicking through the car selection menu, look at the difference between the length of the RBR and the Mclaren - its huge. You will definitely notice that in your setup.

    IIRC, back along people were talking about making a custom setup for the RBR and then loading it to a McLaren and going faster.
    It was a long boring thread where someone just could not understand or appreciate why it was happening :D
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  16. :) the last two lines was exactly what happend to me in the very first try outs of F1 2011. I was not bewildered though ;) , I could feel it happening :D . I took -700 in time of 3 laps of Spa, just be changing this in Time Trial runnings.
    I will check the other cars as well.
    Cheers Peter
  17. Thank you guys for the answers, this will help me in developing new setups!
    And it's an aspect that helps me to appreciate this game A LOT more.
    For the equal performance online.... mmm... i don't know if the basis is the RBR.
    i feel it's more like a Lotus renault/force india, it seems a "medium-to-high performance" car.
    But maybe i'm wrong...
  18. When I've raced with equal performance, I've felt the cars are too grippy / powerful for a Renault / Force India. My earlier estimate of it being a RBR "base" onto which the cars' chassis profiles are applied was perhaps a bit over-the-top; it's probably more like McLaren or Ferrari as 16 'Red Bull' players would be too much!

    (FWIW, racing round Monaco, I prefer the handling characteristics of the McLaren over the RBR - altogether more positive with a little bit of slip which I really like, racing with equal performance cars feels a bit like this). I'm not an F1 2011 hardcore, all-weekend-every-weekend-100%-distance racer though (yet) so YMMV.