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Has anyone use the Soft TH software

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kevin Cordice, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. I came across a youtube videos of persons using a similar set to Eyefinity call Soft TH has anyone in the forums tried this before?
  2. I have a GTX 460 2GB and always have use SofTh.

    Run´s nice in all sims (Iracing, GTR2, Rfactor 1 and 2, Netkarpro, race 7),
    on Rfactor2 it only give me 50-55 FPS, but in beta, hope when is gold version i can play it as i play Iracing.
  3. I have a Radeon HD6970 do i still have to get another video cars to exploits the other monitor?

    Thanks in advance
  4. I run SoftTh on a single 6870 (no need for second card). You will need a MiniDP to VGA adapter (or Mini DP to active DVI) to run it though, I have 1 DVI screen & 2 VGA screens
    Main screen - DVI port
    2nd Screen - VGA through DVI - VGA adapter
    3rd Screen - VGA through MiniDP - VHA adapter

    I have a 23" main screen and picked up 2x17" screens for $80

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  5. looks amazing, well i'm hoping to get one more display by next week. will look forward to have your all help setting it up

    Thanks again for your insights
  6. I have soft th installed and now the mouse stay only in the LH monitor, what is wrong here

    Also i have a stream version demo of Race07 but every time i load it up it freezes up were i have to input Shift+Tab, what can i do here to rectify this
  7. Have you got the monitors set up in the right order in your display settings?
  8. i have gotten it to work now somewhat. but my two side displays shows the entire track but when it come to a car coming up next to me it is invisible, could that be cause by the second low end video card?:unsure:
  9. I wouldn't have thought that would be a problem. Having said that. I think you would get better performance if you had all 3 monitors playing through your 6970 and just ditch the second card you have
  10. I need a active display port connector in order to dump the second video card, at this time i will have to use this setup for now
  11. Does Soft th works with F1 2011? can't get it to work with it :(

    edit: with XP
  12. If you have a VGA video using the DP you just need a "normal" DP to VGA. I'm using an apple one and it's fine

  13. Does anyone has the combination for soft th in F1 2011 on XP :O_o:
  14. try running f1 2011 in windowed mode.. then use shiftwindows to take away the unwanted bits like title bar.. also autohide your taskbar. this method seems to work for many games. in your hardware config settings ini set the aspect ratio to normal or auto.