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Has anyone actually managed to get the AA to work ?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Carl Williamson, May 8, 2015.

  1. Shadows and white lines look horrendous no matter what AA settings i choose, has anyone had any success forcing options via Nvidia Inspector/Control Panel ?
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  2. All of the in-game AA options work fine.
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  3. If they work fine why do shadows and white lines look so bad ?

    I have a feeling your definition of 'fine' isn't the same as mine :p
  4. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I find fxAa seems less jaggy than smaa due to the edge blurring but that's me
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  5. I'm running GXT970 and using the Control Panel DSR as 4 times resolution with sharpness and smoothness balance set as 50%. Looks excellent and getting 100+ FPS.

    Turned off the SMAA and FXAA settings.
  6. No, it simply depends on how much AA you use. The higher the setting, obviously the better it works but it is performance heavy. Try playing at DS4X-DS9X and be amazed however the performance penalty is very heavy at those settings. MSAA high + SMAA medium is a decent option too if your PC can do it.
  7. Ah DSR, i hadn't thought of using that. I'll give it a go.

    I've got it on the highest setting and the white lines turn into a jaggy mess when they are 50 or so metres away from me. In close proximity they look ok.

    Strange, not sure whats going on :(
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  8. Try racing with other cars or in the rain or at night, you won't be getting 100 FPS @ 4K with a 970 lol.
  9. I don't see how he gets it at all with one 970. Rain or others cars or not lol
  10. I game at 1080p.
  11. Well i've come to the conclusion that the AA in this game just doesn't work very well, even with the very highest settings there are still lots of jaggies and flickering due to AA not working on certain objects. It was like this in all the development builds as well so i was pretty surprised when people were saying the AA works great for them... seems they just don't notice jaggies as much as me.

    Tested it on a mates rig as well, looks identical to mine. It's just how the game is. Im interested to see how much DSR helps but DSR isn't currently supported on Gsync monitors so I'm screwed in that regard.
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  12. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

    Same problem here Carl :(
  13. Here's some info from the WMD forum (not by me):

    The MSAA based modes are as follows: MSAA which is 4xMSAA & High which is an SMS custom 4xMSAA mode. The MSAA based modes are better at reducing flicker on vertical lines, like fence posts & lamp posts etc, but introduce white dots on edges (less so using High than MSAA).

    The downsampling based modes are as follows: DS2X which is double height, DS4X which is double height and double width, DS6X which is triple height double width & DS9X which is triple height and triple width. The downsampling modes are better at reducing flicker on shadows and stabilise moving images.

    There is one mixed mode which is DS2M. This combines 2xMSAA with DS2X. Sadly the although this does include downsampling, it doesn't reduce the flickering on shadows, in the same way that the pure DS?X modes do. It does introduce white dots on edges (as per the other MSAA modes), but to a lesser extend than MSAA (as it is only using 2xMSAA).

    You can add Post Processing (FXAA or SMAA) to any of the MSAA or downsampling based modes, but you have to choose between FXAA or SMAA, you can't apply both. SMAA performs slightly slower than FXAA, but as both perform way better than MSAA or downsampling, you are unlikely to notice much difference fps wise between the two, if you are applying the, with MSAA or downsampling. Most people are put off by the blur that FXAA introduces. Personally I prefer it (as SMAA introduces some pixel creep in motion).

    You asked about the best ratio for perfomance\quality for the various AA methods.
    Post processing is incredibly effective for the minimal fps hit that it introduces.
    MSAA, DS2X & DS2M are all sensible options, you just have to try the yourself to see which you prefer, IQ wise.
    With High, DS4X & DS6X, you are getting into the realms of diminishing returns, however many run DS4X and a few High and even fewer DS6X, as they are prepared to accept the fps hit.
    DS9X is for screenshots only, not driving !
    The order in terms of the least frame rate impact, to most frame rate impact, is as follows: MSAA, DS2X, DS2M, DS4X. High can fit in below or above DS4X, depending on your system

    MSAA, DS2X or DS2M and adding either FXAA low or SMAA low, would be a good place to start.
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  14. Like most all games, there will always be SOME aliasing even after using AA methods. There is no question that every AA mode in this game works though and its easy to see by turning off all forms of AA in comparison.