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Hardware upgrade

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Krzysztof Babij, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. I bought Assetto Corsa and I love this game. But I have only 40-50 fps on my computer. I would like you to suggest me what I should upgrade in my computer to have better efficiency.

    My configuration:

    Procesor: AMD Phenom II Dual Core X2 560 AM3 BOX 3,3 Ghz
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 AMD770 Socket AM3
    RAM: 8 MB
    GFX: ATI Radeon HD6770 1GB
    System: Windows 7 64

    Thank you in advance
  2. I believe it very much depend on your budget ... so whats your budgets ??
  3. I think your CPU is ok ... at this moment i have phenom II x2 3.2 (OC to 3.8) but from what i see 3.3 should be ok ... try to upgrade first your graphic card to see how it goes ... i have HD7850 1GB and its running fine for now ... around 120fps on default video settings without OC ... lets see how it goes with more cars on track. But i think a 2GB card will be better if you can afford it ... this will depend on you budget ... the better the graphic card you buy the better the graphics will be. But to upgrade your graphic card you should also upgrade to a better Motherboard ... the one you have its not a good one and can be a issue with a powerfull graphic card ... but go step by step ... 1st graphic card ... then motherboard ... and then CPU.

    Anyway i think you should wait until the AI's release so you can have better benchmarks on how videocards real perform on AC. With only your car on track you cant really tell.

    edit: dont know what your power supply is but you might have also to upgrade it if you get a powerfull graphic card
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  4. Thank you.

    Budget: 250-300 euro, if necessary more.

    I have 450 W chieftec power supply. Jorge thanks for steps, good to follow. Any suggestion which card I should buy and if nacessary Power supply? What about RAM, is enough?

    I will wait till AI are released :)
  5. I doubt your 8 MB RAM are faithfull, 8 GB would be justifying :p
    Would Recommend you a Power Supply of about 650 W depending if you're going Crossfire. I have an Axle ATX and it is the best Supply Unit I ever had.
    If you'e used to ATI Cards you might want to stick to one of the newest that Supports DX11 and is in your Budget. Maybe 2x Radeon R9 270X
    Dual Core is quite up standard so you might grab a decent offer on Black Friday Sales and get a Quad or 6 Core even and get another Pricedrop on Christmas.
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  6. I have only 4GB RAM and its more then enough ... so your 8GB its just fine

    Its really hard to say what you should buy because we never know if your motherboard will handle the graphic card but assuming that you only need a graphic card and power suply for 300 euros i would go for:

    .Corsair 550MTX (40amp on the 12V rail) - 80 euros - this is the one i have and can handle good OC both on CPU and GPU staying allways very stable.
    . Sapphire HD7870 2GB - 220 euros

    these prices are the ones i can get here in Portugal

    But once again ... i have read not very good stuff about your motherboard so prepare to spend more 80 euros on a ASUS M5A97 R2.0 ... or you can just buy a HD7850 2GB for 160 Euros ... its a tricky decision ... when the AI comes out i can tell you how mine HD7850 1GB is performing so you can have a better idea

    The ASUS is also the MB i own and its also very stable on OC ... it can handle your current AM3 CPU and AM3+ CPU's you if you need to upgrade for a better one
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  7. Thank you all.

    I will wait for AI and try to find budget to change all. Do you think AMD or Intel is better to buy?

    I am planning budget for new stuff around 800 Euros, because as I see, this one which I have, isn't good to upgrade. Better save more and buy something appropriate for this sim.

    Thanks again, have a nice weekend!
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