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Hardware Connection Question

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Snipe3000, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I'm trying to figure out how to connect all of this gear so that they work together, as well as determine if I will need purchase any other devices for this to work.
    Here is the list:

    -T500 RS wheel
    -CST pedals
    -Frex Shift+
    -Frex Handbrake+
    -G25 Shifter (USB)

    This setup will be used for iRacing, Dirt 2/3, Richard Burns Rally, rfactor, and shift 2.
  2. if it's only PC then it would be wiring the FREX shifter (if it's the bare wire version) to the SLI-Pro using the SLI-pro harness. This will allow you to map ingame the FREX actions via the built in USB controller on the SLI-pro. Using the SLI-pro controller will avoid any conflicts that might occur if you use another USB controller for the FREX stuff and still want to use all the functions on the SLI-pro. That would be simple as long as the SLI-Pro is not integrated into the steering wheel which brings up another hornets nest of issues. Not sure about the FREX hand brake tho. The CST would just be plug in using its built in USB controller and then map ingame. Not sure about the G25 shifter or how you can get it to work as a USB device tho since it does not have a USB controller.
  3. Oh I see, I can connect the simple button stuff to the sli-pro. the Handbrake is the same as the shifter, except only one wire because its only one button.
    Here is the G25/27 stand along shifter to USB device:

    How in the world do you connect something to the SLI-Pro? it doesn't require soldering does it? There are no instructions on how wires attach to it.
  4. Leo Bodnar does a 'stand alone' G25 / 7 gear unit (little black box with usb plug) But remember all the major titles only support up to THREE HID USB input devices :( Hand brake should also wire into SLI-Pro controller no probs (tho never tried it) but thats still 4 HID devices :(
  5. Damn, only 3?
    sounds like I need to find a Hshifter that will connect to the sli-pro. But how do I connect wires to the SLI-pro?

    Does the USB for a motion simulator count as one of the three USB?
  6. Leo sells a SLI-pro harness (scroll down from the SLI-pro page and you will see it) that is used to do the wiring. Don't try to wire direct to SLI-Pro with out the harness. I ran into the 3 USB limit when I was doing my wheel setup so I ended up wiring my FREX Seq using a stereo mini plug as an interconnect to the SLI-Pro so I can detach easily when I want to use the paddles if I want to. Both the SLI-Pro wheel plate (extension USB cable) and the FREX seq (mini plug) can be detached. This will put less strain on the wiring on the SLI-pro when the wheel does its calibration when the system boots up.


  7. Don't forget you can wire into the CST pedals as well, bad news is you'll still have 1 to many USB. Is the G27 shifter as much for the buttons as it is for the gated shifter? If so make a button box and wire to either SLI or CST.
  8. oh the CST's have a button box?
    I'll probably just use xpadder or something until I get a shifter with bare wires to attach to the sli-pro or CST
  9. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    If its just iRacing, there is no limit to the hardware devices connected. But Simbin, rF etc etc do limit to 3.
  10. right now I only have my wheel and the shift+ connected, but I cant get the shifter to work in Dirt2, its works in iracing though. I wonder what im doing wrong
  11. I think the shift+ is conflicting with the wheel shift paddles. I unplugged and replugged in the shift+ while in the game, and it mapped as the same buttons as the shifter paddles on the wheel.
  12. Hello!
    I have a Frex Shift+ on the way to me now, and I was wondering if you sorted out the problems with T500RS/Frex Combo ? Does it occur in RBR ?
    and Id love to see some pictures of how you sorted out the SLI Pro on the T500RS
  13. I dont have it connected to the SLI-Pro yet, waiting on my box to hold it in. In the mean time it seems to work fine if I unplug and replug the frex when I enter the game.