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Mods Hardcore Damage Model for Dirt Rally 2.0

Alpha version of a realistic Damage Model

  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    Hardcore Damage Model for Dirt Rally - Alpha version of a realistic Damage Model

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  2. Heres a video of the visual component I'm working on. Delta S4 is done
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  3. TemplarGFX updated Hardcore Damage Model for Dirt Rally with a new update entry:

    Balancing + Original files included

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  4. arrrhhhh I cant keep up with you lol jumped on to test new mod, jumped out and found new update is out going to test this hehe cheers
  5. With v2, I managed to retire due to an engine failure on the first try. Well done, sir!

    Maybe codemasters have meant to tweak the damage model at a later date, but I'm sure a mod like this puts pressure on them anyway, just in case they are happy with it as it is.
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  6. First this is the one I'm referring to

    Can Some help me with what is the max and minimal values are? Is it 0.000001 an 100?
    I've never ever modded a game before my self :(

    They are some brief explanations when you open the 'raceload' file in notepad but its still not enough

    I like the mod above but I don't want the engine wear it has etc I just want the terminal damage increased

    Please explain as easily as possible as like I've said I have never modded any game before
  7. Every time I edit this file my game crashes o loading a stage/track any ideas Is there a program I need to use to edit this file? It opens fine in notepad and appears readable to me but iv never modded a game in my life :) Please advise me if I'm doing anything wrong
  8. hey Templar can u fix the car not getting dirty on this mod two( don't know if u remember me from the whatever you do don't crash article) but I would really appreciate if you fix it :)
  9. The file is a binary file, and so you cannot use such a simple program like notepad, as when you save it with notepad, the hidden characters are lost (this is why the game crashes)
    Download the free notepad++, while it is still a text editor, it actually opens all files in binary mode, and edits them in such.

    The key with editing binary files with Notepad++ is that you cannot ADD or REMOVE any characters from a line of text. You have to replace them. For example
    NOT OK

    This is fine for numbers like in the example with alot of 0's (thankfully raceload uses numbers like these) it gets tricky when they are simple numbers like 10 or 1.1!

    Unfortunately it is not my mod that is causing this AFAIK. The cars still get super dirty for me
  10. OK., Cool.Can you create a damage mod that is like super real. Was watching some Rally Videos and Wrc today and was like "Hey, this doesn't happen in Dirt Rally". In real life your wheels become damaged easily and other parts of the car but in Dirt Rally its just like let me take a couple more hits before getting noticeable damage.

    Thanks in Advance
  11. On version 1,2
    Will it save career advancements?
  12. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Should be easier to mod with the JPK Archiver and you may possibly also need the File Converter for some of the files you extract from the JPK file.