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Hanging up the ol Helmet

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, just informing people that i will no longer be racing in FSR 2011, i have found i just do not enjoy the testing which is needed to compete in WC, it has become rather tiresome after 3 years competing thinking i was one of the best sim racers out there to only have 1 win 3 podiums and a number of points finishes.

    The amount of work needed to do a race weekend is mad, but thats how it should be, the thing is since upping my hours at work i just find my life has become so vaig, i come home from work i test i go to work etc etc..

    I currently feel i have no social life outside FSR which is realy suffocating me.

    i have met some fantastic people here in FSR and made many great friends on and off the track, i wish every single person involved in FSR success for the future.

    This is not the end for me, i will be back at some point just now i need a break from it, and to enjoy life again.

    One thing i will say is i am a bloody good Sim Race Driver, and to be finishing 7th in races and struggling to finish in the point just shows how good some of you guys are, Huis, Marques, Kerkhof andall the others who have often thrashed me, its been a pleasure to race against such hugh esteemed names.

    I will be back in the future for sure, maybe sooner than later if r factor 2 comes out !

    I als want to say a bit thanks to all my fans out there for their support and i hope they will continue to support me in the future, and a big thanks to GT OMEGA Racing for their support this season.

    Cheers, Lee
  2. O damn Lee. U got a good point there Lee a thing that is the most important thing to do in life.

    Hope u will find yourself
  3. Lee!, it's sad to see that you're leaving FSR, but you have the 100% of the reason, real life is more important than other thing, and social life more!

    All the best mate, take care :)
  4. Get a social life Lee :D

    Man, you must test a lot of laps hehe
  5. Sad news:(
    Montoya has gone!!!
  6. I'm sad to read this Lee :(

    Hope to see you back soon, taking a break (also during testing in midweek) can do wonders for your pace.
  7. Sad you´re leaving. All the best and I am very sure to see you returning in future :) Hope so!
  8. Thankyou for the messages guys, and a big thanks to Atze mate you know why !

    Cya around guys, will be keeping in touch etc.. and i will beracing in the future !

    Cheers again !
  9. Shame about this Lee, wish you all the best :)
  10. Your girlfriend just owned you mate :). All the best and hope to see you back soon.
  11. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    shame to lose one of the bests but you have very good reason to leave so have fun off-time Lee
  12. Good Luck Lee and all the best, I never thought you'd stop racing in FSR tbh, take care mate.
  13. Well this took long
  14. lol