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Handling changes from session to session.

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by SwaggerJacker, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. After setting up a car and getting it dialed in, I'll drive it a few times at Watkins and Monza (two of my favs). I'll switch back and forth a couple times. The car feels great. Next time I fire up the game and drive the same tracks, the car does not handle the same. Usually the grip level changes; a lot. So I have to run with more down force, thereby loosing speed. Same time of day, same everything. Cars just handle differently. Has anyone experienced this? Have you figured out how/why it happens? If yes, do tell.

  2. ONT


    Same exact format ?

    There is the time trail vs race where tire temp is different at start, and the "Live track" function of a rubber-ed in track, different grip level at different sessions on race weekend.

    But if all is exactly the same, it sounds like a bug in that rubber build up on track.

    Report in Official Forum

  3. Same format. Not going to bother reporting. If it's a bug, I'll live with it.

  4. are the track temps the same? that's the only other reason I can think of, apart from a bug of course.
  5. If you're customizing car settings there are major issues with when they load, or just not saving or loading when you change sessions.
  6. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
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    That's what I've found too. I'll take a car out for free practice and get some FFB settings dialed in, then go to my main garage and save that for "all tracks". Then I'll go to a career race and in qualifying I might find that it needs a few more tweaks, so I'll make some adjustments. Then when the race starts the settings will revert back to what I had saved in my garage for "all tracks" and it will feel different than it felt just a few minutes ago in qualifying because apparently those settings only applied to that session and once I moved to a different session it reverts back to whatever I had saved as my master setup in the garage. This almost makes it pointless to save your setup to "all tracks" because then if you want to make any adjustments you have to exit out of your session and go to your garage to save them.

    But I've had other times where the car/FFB felt different and it was not due to this. In fact, the FFB usually feels different every time I turn the game on, I never really know what I'm going to get. One day it will feel pretty dang good, the next day it will feel like crap. I've even had it change during a session, at the start of a race it will feel good but by the end it will feel numb and start going limp in the turns. Really frustrating.
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