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Hancur's Yellow RBR problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by tibi, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Hi!


    My friend Hancur has a big problem. If he run a track wich made by himself , he see this:


    The car is in the air, and everything is yellow.

    If he try other's track example Malaga,my Roc07 track, Country Roads etc. , he see something this:


    All of these tracks, and hancur's track work fine for me. (GF8600M GS, dx10)

    We thought it not work on hancur's PC, because ati9600 did not support SM3.0.

    So he buy a new radeon HD4850 1gb and he must by a new motherboard,cpu...
    So his new PC's specification: athlon 64 x2 6000+
    radeon HD4850 1gb
    4gb ddr2
    XP dx9.0c

    And now he try the tracks and nothing changed...:thinking:

    Have you got any idea what is the problem?

    (Piddy, I want to write it in pm to you but not allowed because i didn't write 15 post yet.)
  2. your track folder should contain a file called settings.ini, it defines the sun direction and it should look something like:

    sunDirection = -0.843359,-0.503774,0.186968

    the direction is obviously editable but for extreme angles the shaders will go crazy and the sky will indeed look like something from star trek; pay attention at "." and ",".
  3. Yes I know this, but not this WAS the problem.

    I sent him my rx_plugin(2009.04.21) and all tracks works. :) Now he made a track and export it, and all the tracks are yellow again.Put my dll into plugins overwrite, and everything fine again.
    He realised that if he export a track into RBR the rbr_rx.dll was changed for an older version (2009.03.29)

    How the hell is it possible? He use BTB v7.0.5
  4. if your dll works then tell him to put the dll inside
    C:\Program Files\BobsTrackBuilder\Support\RBR\Plugins
    that way BTB will be forced to overwrite with the working version of the plugin.

    i can't explain why exactly this happens, i can only guess that from some reason he ended up with the wrong dll, a clean BTB instalation should fix that.
    (i just tested with at it works as it should, the dll file is created on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, 1:40:12 AM and the size is: 408 KB (417,792 bytes))
  5. He solved the problem. He change the attribute of the dll (which is in ...Games\RBR\plugins\) to read-only.

    (my plugin is created on 2009.04.21. 15:40 417,792 bytes)

    ps. He wrote it now, that he saw the support folder in BTB and there is that old(03.29) dll. So this was the problem.:wink2:

    Thanks for the help.