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Hamilton replaces Schumacher at Mercedes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Bram

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  2. Bad Move Lewis!
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  3. Indeed, thats the end of Lewis.
  4. LOL
    Hello money, goodbye World Championships.

    Merry Christmas Sergio !
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  5. What a shame! I don't beleive that Lewis moved just for the money though- surely the aforementioned 2014 chassis and end of Mclaren receiving Mercedes engines for free had a lot to do with it. I mean Lewis is not happy when he is not winning- I refuse to beleive he did it just for the money.
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  6. big drivers should take risks.
  7. What were you thinking Lewis?!?

    Part of being a great driver is choosing the right team to drive for. Echoes of Jaques Villeneuve?
  8. What...have I missed something??? Lewis Hamilton has switched to ze Silver Arruws? Never.... When did that happen??? Gosh, Lewis.... Michael gone? Who'd thought....??? :D
  9. We've all heard the rumblings, but I can't believe it happened. We've heard the same rumors about Vettel to Ferrari and that never materialized. As a McLaren fan I'm truly disappointed. Perez is a great young driver but by no means a replacement for Hamilton. I had a friend tell me "Formula 1 just got a lot less interesting". I hope he is wrong...
  10. :cry:
  11. What? Why disappointed? McLaren have two great drivers, with great talent. Jenson and Perez..... All this fuss about Hamilton going, he isn't the team...he is 'just' a driver, yes a very good one, but a driver. McLaren goes on with a talented young fast driver and the smooth operator Button. Great combo.
    Good luck Lewis with your three years at the Silver Arrows.
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  12. The question why comes to mind
  13. Lewis may need more than luck if the Mercedes doesn't move forward.

    Personally I think this makes 2013 MORE interesting.

    Sergio may be young but if pressure doesn't get the better of him, he could do extremely well.

    Mercedes may have convinced Hamilton with their talk of 2014 targets, but lets not forget, McLaren are in it to win it EVERY year, including 2013. I bet Jenson is quite happy too :)

    Now, just to put the icing on the cake, I want to see Michael go to Sauber, the Sauber continue to improve, and then we'll see another Shumacher victory! :)
  14. That is exactly what I thought!

    And ironically the team is essentially the same team that Villeneuve went to all those years ago. They had masses of money in those early days of BAR and have never really developed beyond anything more than just above midfield, except for the one Brawn season where they made great effective use of the double diffuser.
  15. Luke Walsh

    Luke Walsh

    Could see it happening when it was mentioned it was over his paycheck, he's shown his real colours! Was kind of hoping that Di Resta would replace him but I like their choice in Perez, he's proved already he has talent and I look forward to see what he can do with a McLaren under him!
  16. It is early days. Lewis is hoping he can copy Schumi when he went to Ferrari - see what happened then....... Then again I could be wrong and Lewis is greedy? TBH, I am now sick of this whole affair now.
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  17. i didnt think the lure of more money would entice him to leave mclaren. although he wants more freedom to earn money away from the team,mercades offered that :sneaky::sick:
  18. tbh i think Mclaren have the better deal here, Button and Perez together. Perez is gonna be quick from the off and he definately has the potential to win the championship if his performances in the sauber are anything to go by