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Hamilton: 'Quitting McLaren Was The Right Choice'

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Apr 16, 2013.

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  2. He may have spoken too soon, last year Merc were incredibly strong in the first few races then failed to score any points in the last few races; they just don't develop as well as the other top teams.
  3. We will see if it was the right choice in 2014 when the new regulation changes are coming in. Hamilton said himself that he did not expect any great results this year. The main focus was 2014 which is absolutely right I think. If you ask me, Mercedes should spend most of their time on developing next years car. We saw how much of a step teams can make because of new regulations, Red Bull, Honda/Brawn and Force India all were much more competitive in 2009 than 2008, probably because they focused on the next year.
  4. That's where a possible dilemma could occur, Mercedes will have a tough decision to make if Hamilton is within reach of the WDC at around the 12th race, do they halt development and give up on the WDC; or do they focus on 2014.
  5. Chris

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    I think that drop off in development was because they chose to go down the path of the double DRS system (which was ultimately the wring path). And they just just couldn't improve it, and it wasn't adding too much to the cars performance.

    That was their main problem. But now that they have a new car with similar regulations, they won't make that same mistake. I see no reason why Mercedes can't be up there with RBR, and Ferrari this season.
  6. There's no way he could've predicted the way McLaren would struggle this year. But I do believe ending the toxic relationship between him and McLaren has given him new motivation.
  7. The thing is that it´s not really about the performance of the W04 and how it stacks up for it to be the right or wrong choice.
    Before the season he never expected to fight for the championship so all of this must be a bonus for him.
    I don´t think it´s about beating Mclaren either even though in that sense it has very much been the right choice for now.
  8. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
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    It's too soon to judge. Don't forget Mercedes and McLaren development curve.
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  9. Thing is, if Mercedes gets to the middle of the season and Lewis or Nico have a realistic chance at the championship (and Mercedes a good chance at WCC) they'll probably push development as hard as they can.

    But anyway, if he was uncomfortable in McLaren and he's feeling good in Mercedes, then it was the right decision, even if the car gets worse as the season goes on.
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  10. Makes you wonder what LH would do with the MP4 28? But really, being totally honest I am not bothered as still, it is early doors in the season.
  11. According to car performance it was unknown but if he was Feeling good in terms of atmosphere then it was may be a Right choice but i hope he wont do any thing like SPA twitter saga again.