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Hamilton: 'I've Got Stuff On My Mind'

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Jun 13, 2013.

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  2. this time alonso gona win i silverstone ,, im 100 procent sure about that ,,
  3. Dude's got 99 problem and a bitch is 100 of em! :p
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  4. Great, Hamilton is unhappy about something, again.
  5. Let's just hope that "stuff" is not just another word for "Nicole"...
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  6. I too hope so
  7. i wish he would just concentrate on the racing cos when he does hes the best out there
  8. Proof that women, fast cars and money don't make you happy.... He needs to come round my house for a week or two and just chill, guarantee he'd appreciate the woman, fast cars and money a lot more when he went back, and if any of them gave him **** or put him off his stride he'd either dump them or sort them out in the true Hamilton style that we all know is lurking in there, but Lewis seems to have stopped believing in sometimes. C'mon Lewis man I know life can be intolerably hard to get your head round at times, just make the racing the most important thing and all the rest will fall into place, she ain't all that if she makes you unhappy or detracts from the other love of your life, however much you might love her, life will continue and believe it or not there will be others - its not a competition to always have a fit woman on your arm - that doesn't make the man, its just a misguided society that tries to brainwash us into believing that, aloneness is not a word its a concept - accept it into your life and you'll be freer than you have been in a long time... freer and more ready to accept only the ones who are good for you, compliment you, lift you, and give you the forward momentum you need. Hoping to see a fantastic performance from you, Kimi and Jenson at Silverstone.
  9. The problem with Hamilton is - and maybe that's his biggest concern atm - what if he'll end up being a one time WDC just like those ordinary drivers like Hill, Rosberg (senior) or Button? Let's remember when he entered F1, noone was talking about Schumacher anymore, everyone predicted Hamilton as the new legend of F1, everyone predicted a bright future and several WDC's. I remember when his dad said that now that they've done it (winning the WDC in Brazil 2008), they are looking forward to the next one.

    And we all know what came after that... 5th place, 4th place, 5th place, 4th place....

    For me as a fan it's depressing to see one of the biggest talents and one of the fastest drivers of all times (excuse my fanboyism for a moment) probably end up with only one WDC under his belt. It's not a matter of supporting him or not, I became a fan in 2009 when his car was a dog and he was still doing his job properly. It's just that it wouldn't feel right. Sebastian looks set for a 4th WDC, while Hamilton is far away from even achieving a 2nd title. It's as if the last 6 years have been wasted, and those 6 years are usually the best years for any driver in terms of performance, pace and experience. :(
  10. I know it says he was 'off' all weekend but could it be that the way he was post race made it stand out? And could post race be caused by knowledge of the fatally injured marshall, I like many others jumped to the woman troubles assumption, he's clearly a sensitive caring person maybe stuff on his mind was happening there and then trackside and had visibly rocked him, more than the others? Either way be great to see him 'back on'.