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Hamilton could have moved over a bit

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Samuel Fuller, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    Does anyone else think that Grosien gave Hamilton a cars width but he didn't use it?
  2. In my opinion Grosjean was at 100% fault here.

    He came from nowhere, swerved across the track and despite Hamilton having half a car alongside Grosjean he continued to go right and they then touched wheels which sent Hamilton off in the grass just before everyone hit the brakes.

    Grosjean knew he was there, you can see on Hamilton´s onboard how he is looking in his rear view mirror just before the collide.

    I would have agreed if Hamilton only had his front wing next to Grosjean´s rear wheel but his front wheel was ahead of Grosjean´s rear wheel.
    You simply can´t keep moving right when someone is half alongside you.
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  3. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Nope. Hamilton had nowhere to go. The onboard footage will clearly show you that.
    If there was any indication that Hamilton could've prevented the crash, Grosjean would not be sitting out the next race.
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  4. To me this means keep your line. Hamilton kept a straight line with no movement, it was Grosjean that kept coming right all the time.

  5. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    In fact, Hamilton tried to move right a bit.
    He was on the white line when Grosjean actually hit him.
  6. Not really but almost. But still, you can´t force another driver to change his course if he´s this much alongside.
    This is the beginning of the collision, you can see the smoke haven´t built up fully yet.

  7. I guess he could have gone on to the grass and then slowed down a little, but it's certainly not his responsibility to compensate for Grosjean's mistake.
    And it might even have made it more dangerous because breaking (this is, after all, only moments before the breaking zone for T1 starts) with one or two wheels on the grass would have all but certainly made him spin.
  8. Lets see.

    Hamilton: Half a meter (maybe) of tarmac to the right.
    Grosjean: The whole world to the left.

    Geez, it's clearly McLaren's fault, bad tyre choice. Should have fitted some off-road, then Hamilton could've gone to the grass, no problem! :whistling:
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  9. There shouldn't be a debate. Quote from Grosjean on Formula1.com.

    "I honestly thought I was ahead of him and there was enough room for both cars; I didn’t deliberately try to squeeze him or anything like that. This first corner situation obviously isn’t what anyone would want to happen and thankfully no-one was hurt in the incident. I wish to apologise to the drivers who were involved and to their fans. I can only say that today is part of a process that will make me a better driver."