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Hamachi LAN test

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hamachi LAN Setup Guide:

  2. I've tried it before and it didn't work... You have to get some program to get it to work which was a pain in the ass and my avg detected the program as a virus =/
  3. F1 2011 Hamachi and Tunngle Guide

    You need “TeknoGodsHelper66.rar″ for F1 2011 to work with virtual private network adapters like Hamachi and Tunngle.

    You can download TeknoGodsHelper66.rar from here http://gameserver.n4cer.de/download/2

    Step 1
    First off, delete teknogods.dll entry from App_Init_dlls, this is only needed if you used the older versions. Otherwise skip this step.

    Step 2
    Start Hamachi
    connect to Network

    Step 3
    The one who wants to host should launch F1 2011 and host the game. Host does not need to do anything else.

    Step 4
    Those who want to connect to a hosted game need to close their game and start the TeknoHelper to setup everything automatically

    How to Setup Everything With TeknoHelper
    Execute the teknohelper.exe and you will see that the program has 4 checks in place. Get VPN/Get All filter, click the button and it will check for all the VPN software, you have installed.

    Once it has found any VPN, it will be displayed in the window above. Select Tunngle/Hamachi, [highlight Hamachi in the list] VPN of your choice and click “Set Adapter Key” that is if you are haven’t had previous version of TeknoGods Beta installed.

    If you had previous version of teknogods beta installed on your computer, click “Clear Registry Key” first for your selected VPN software, once it has deleted teknogods.dll entry from App_Init_dlls, click “Set Adapter Key”.

    Once the registry key is set, you will see a green tick underneath second check. Now click “re(Start) Loader” , it will ask you to launch the game in 30 seconds, so go ahead and do so. Once all the four checks have green tick underneath, you have set up everything correctly.

    Check Your Setup
    Start the game. Press the ‘Home’ key. Then click settings, then Network Information. Next to Network Adapter it should say ‘Hamachi/Tunngle (registry override)’. Next to ‘Local IP Address’ it should show your Hamachi/Tunngle IP.

    If everything is setup correctly, you are ready to play.

    IMPORTANT or you will NOT CONNECT:

    Step 5
    Navigate to Multiplayer>LAN>and Search for a game.

    When you have found the game in the list, press F12 (for ping override) and you will hear a voice say “working”.

    join the game. Once you are inside the game lobby, press F12 second time and you’ll hear “transfer complete”, you are in game,
  4. Firewall can't block Hamachi

    ports must be open:
    TCP port 80
    TCP port 443
    UDP and TCP port 3074.
    UDP and TCP port 53
    UDP port 88

  5. Yeah I know all about Teknogods but that DLLLoad.exe is detected as a virus for me. Plus are you talking about F1 2010 or F1 2011? Because I've only tried it with F1 2010.
  6. actually, the version referenced above does not have DLLLoad.exe

    get the latest version for 2011 - worked fine
  7. Well me and my friends bought this game so I don't really have to worry about it. Maybe it wasnt the DLLLoad.exe maybe it was the actual .dll that was suspicious for me.

    Good luck getting this working.
  8. it was the DLL.exe [my antivirus flagged it, too]

    the version noted above no longer uses it

    thx, we did get it working as outlined above :)