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Had to format...now what?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by blaine, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I had to format my HD and start COMPLETELY over on everything on my computer. I have lost so much stuff I can only remember the things Ive lost when I go to use them and find that its gone too.

    BTB is no exception. I had a track that is gone...it was almost complete...

    When I got the computer up and running again I find that there is a new version of BTB. I dled the program again and my license...doesnt seem to be working because Im now locked out of BTB...

    What now?...Please help...and thanks.


    Also is there a way to get miles instead meters for us in the US?
  2. hI, MM i dont understand quite good, You are licensed BTB user, dont you?, so you can can download your license from the site the first time you did!!

    And about your track, the same happened to me, so it s a good ide to back up work!!!! :)

  3. Yes I am a licensed user. I did download my license but it didnt work.
  4. then resubmit you hid file,to piddy website. and wait for the new license.
  5. thanks...that was going to be my question...a new HID...
  6. how do i submit my hid...forgot.

    the address??
  7. it on the top of the forum, enter login area and submit
  8. I need a new license

    I had to format and need a new license for btb.
  9. Let me phrase it another way...

    Had to format.
    So I downloaded BTB.
    it was the .8 version when i dloaded and reinstalled.
    put my license in the folder.
    Then BTB locked...so It didnt work.

    I have not found/There is no place for me to upload a new HID to get the new license...there is no place that Ive seen to upload a new HID inorder to wait 48 hrs for a new license.

    Ive read my original email on how to get a license. Ive followed the link to the BTB site. Ive downloaded my existing license and put it in the newly downloaded BTB folder.

    To my knowledge Ive done what Im supposed to do before I posted in here.

    My license doesnt expire until Nov of next year.
  10. if you got to the web site, i listed before , login with your username,then click account details,and click the button upload license on your btb version (rfactor or evo).you will get the information on uploading the hid file.

    i will not supply the full address, has it is link to an user account.with out it you can not access this area.

  11. Thanks for your help and patience with me on this...

    I have already gone to that page...there is nothing there that is clickable. I see the button youre talking about...just cant click on it....its unclickable.

    It also says that I have already used my license...and it is listed below that. I can click and download my license but it doesnt work.
  12. what internet explorer you using?
    firefox,ie,google chrome?

    I'm using internet explorer, and it clickable.prehaps you need flashplayer,or java installed
  13. ie 8

    Ill install those items and see if that helps...I should be up to date though.
  14. reinstalled the flash player.i'm on ie8 and the button okay.if you got popup blocker press ctrl then click the button.
  15. Installed both...no change.
  16. pm brendon pywell. m8. he might be able to solve it.
  17. I think you've fallen victim to the current licensing system. The Upload License stays greyed out until your current license expires. If you read carefully part of Banger's quote above it says:

    'The license will be created specifically for your Motherboard and CPU and will be valid for the number of months that you specify when submitting the HardwareId.txt file.

    The license will be removed from the BTB website automatically 7 days prior to the expiry date. You will then be able to sumbit a new license for either the same PC or a new PC.'

    I think it should say Motherboard, CPU and Windows installation and/or Hard Disk as I re-installed XP onto a different hard drive a while ago using the same m/board and CPU and had the same license failure you have. I got round it with BTBPro as I have two licenses but I can't generate a new license for BTBEvo until next month.

    In other words you have to predict how long your computer will stay in it's current state when you set the length of the license. That's possible to do I guess, but if anything happens to your computer in the meantime, then you're stuck it seems.

    That's how I understand it anyway.

    I should add I haven't contacted Brendon about this as I've not yet re-installed GTLegends so I'm not at all inconvenienced by not having BTBEvo for a month or so. Hopefully Banger's right and he'll be able to sort it for you.
  18. Well, I hope brendon can help. I had a virus. I didnt change anything. But the computer HD did have to be formatted. Like I said too, my license doesnt expire until next year.
  19. I now set my license to a much shorter period, say a couple of months. When it expires BTB stops loading. You then generate a new HardwareID.txt, upload it to the website and almost straight away get the new license by email. It's easy. The last couple of times I've been up and running again about 15 minutes from getting the BTB shutdown.